Meeting new friends

Today we are going to talk about meeting new friends.

Whether that is inside a chat room or somewhere in public, there are important points to help this:


  1. Explore your familiar surroundings.  You never know who you will meet that might have the same interests as you.  Of course, keep safety a priority.
  2. Reach out to friends of your current friends.   You can ask some friends of yours if they have other friends they can introduce to you.
  3. Be more active with school events.  Join the chess club or a sports team.   Volunteer.  You are surely to meet others that have the same interests as you.
  4. Always be polite and nice to others.   People will usually treat you the way you treat them.
  5. Focus on listening.  You will find quickly that people you lend an ear to, will appreciate you more.
  6. Make an effort to continue your friendship.   If this means setting up regular meetings to “hangout” then so be it.
  7. Stay off the video games.   If you play too many video games, it will trap you in front of your TV, thereby shutting yourself from the outside world.


Do you have any other ways you can recommend?  If so, please leave a comment below.


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