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Hey kids!

Ok we have recently received a large number of emails and comments regarding being banned.   I would like to first of all say that every user of our chat rooms MUST read the rules outlined on the main page of this website.

If you have not done so already, please do so immediately.

Now, I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions that we have received

1.  Why was I banned?

Most likely you were banned for breaking any of the rules outlined on the main page.   Over age users are dealt with severely.    Even if you are joking around about your age, that can get you banned.

2. How long do bans last for?

Typically they last for a week or two.  It really depends on the severity.  For example, if you are banned forever, it probably means you are overaged or committed some severe act.  If that is the case, there is also a change that your information will be passed onto authorities for review.

3.  I was wrongfully banned.  Can you let me back in?

Well, our mods try to be fair as much as possible.   They do typically give you a chance to make things right.  Repeat violators are usually those that are banned.   If you still disagree with why you we’re banned and feel a moderator was not acting in good faith, you are welcome to send us a message using the contact us link.

Hope that has cleared some of your questions up.   Happy chatting!!



  1. Hi, SO i was banned randomly and i was wondering why was i banned and how long will my specific ban last for jut posting an agrio party for my firends and i to play?

    1. i got banned only for telling ave there are 2 genders…she gave me no warning that she was going to ban me, and there are no rules or guidelines on what we can say… please unban me even tho you probably wont

    2. Yes I was banned too! Let me back in can I make it right again I’m so bored without chat please! I swear I’m going to make things right

    3. Hi there, I was banned too for something BUT can I set things right again? I didn’t get any warning and it really annoys me because I cannot chat with my bf and he will think I’m dead or purposely not talking to him. Please let me back in I was hack, hack was my username for a joke on my bestie

  2. please unban me. i was only talking in pm. im a good girl i promise. ppl r probably wondering if im dead or not. i was very rudely cut off from a private convo

  3. I was wrongfully banned. I ask that one of you admins and or moderators appropriately deal with this situation? Thanking you in advance.

  4. Hi i got ban for talking bad to Ave, i know it was bad. I got a lot of friends on there i miss. I promise to respect and obey the rules if i have a chance. Ave if you see this post I am truly sorry for what I treated you like truly am sorry. Im not evil at all its just i got mad for getting muted without knowing how long. Hope we will get along and restart our friendship slowly. And im sorry for starting an argument. It wont ever happen again I promise to you and all the other admins/mods out there that I will show respect and obey with you guys. ~swagger351934

  5. I was wrongfully banned, could anybody please confirm directly to me why that is so? As i said, wrongfully banned. Thanking you all in advance.

  6. Hi. I just got banned from just sending a couple pictures to a friend and can you maybe unban me? like just pictures thats all and im sorry for posting pictures

  7. yo! I just got banned for no reason? so im asking how long will this ban last for cause the only thing i was doing was just posting pics to my good friend and can i please get unbanned?

    1. Guys plz unban me !T^T i am sorry !i miss my best friend there i want come back plz unban meT^T i am sorry fro everything i will never do it again i am sorry 🙁

  8. Hi, i was bannsed because i sent a link of a sharingan from naruto and i was wondering if i could get my avvount unbanned

  9. Why was I so wrongfully banned? What was it that I did? No one is answering me or giving me a direct answer. Stop playing games. Re-doing my comment, as my username is Jaake99. Thanks very much.

  10. Hey its Infamousme, i just sent a gif link to my friend and it said i was banned. Do you know how long i will be banned or at least why i was banned?

  11. I dont know why but i really love the site so please let me back in and if i did anything aganst the rules which im pretty sure that i hav’nt then i am really sorry

  12. Hi Im Truly sorry for spamming ur chat i was so angry, and i will never do it again Arkham u know imma good girl i didnt mean to do tht stuff

    From: Therealbish , Bish ,Bossbish

  13. I HAD gotten banned becuz i was spamming , i rlly didnt mean to i will noy do it ever again plz unbann me im so srry hope u forgive me and unbann all of my account

    From; Therealbish , Bish , Bossbish thnk u for ur patience

  14. I dont know why I was banned but It would be great if I could get un ban thank u for the tips btw they were helpful!!

  15. Please let me back in the site I love this site and its not like other sites. If I broke the rules some how I am really sorry and it will not happen again.

  16. Are you kidding me guy !i didnt do anything i talk to my bff and BOOM banned!
    Plz guys unbanned me my bff have b-day in 16 days i dont wanna lose her birthday!

  17. i’ve wanting to be a mod on kidschat for 2 years, and y’all was rude… is it that y’all hate me?! i treat this ‘site’ respect and this is how you repay me?! … i just wanted to be mod and y’all never picked me which made me kinda depressed well i guess i’ll try again next time

  18. GUYs i am sorry plz unban !me i miss my best friends i feel so lonely 🙁 i am sory plz unban or tell how many days the banned will stay !plz

  19. I have been banned for doing something everyone else was in the Role play room for my pfp? Girls had worst profile pics than me how in the world was i banned?? I can Change it please let me back in Please….

  20. Please un-ban me please i did nothing wrong and when i log in it wont let me and when my friend logs in it lets her….PLEASE

  21. I wuz banned. I literally got off the website and when i tried to log back on I wuz banned. I THOUGHT I WAS JUST ON A STRIKE

  22. Hey there, I was banned and I’m really sorry, you said you would give us a chance to make things right? I really want to do that please. My username was hack. Please in an me asap because my boyfriend will be stressing thinking I’m dead or ignoring him on purpose and will get new girl. Please I’m so so sorry from, hack

  23. Hey I got banned for no reason , I really want to join the chat and also I’m a moderator in the other chat , I really need to be on this site and please unban me ave or Arkham just unban me please I didn’t do anything I just talked to u , I didn’t do anything , unban me please unban me

  24. I have been banned for 2 days ..The first day I got on for only 10 mins to talk to a friend I am now banned?? Not to be rude But im getting banned almost every week without doing nothing…Yall need to get that straighten out because its getting to the point where I dont wanna get on kc no more but at the same some of my friends are on there so please un ban me…

  25. I got banned for no reason, just for talking about discord… Kids Chat i understand i am not supposed to be talking ab out apps but shit at least warn me next time

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