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Hey kids!

Ok we have recently received a large number of emails and comments regarding being banned.   I would like to first of all say that every user of our chat rooms MUST read the rules outlined on the main page of this website.

If you have not done so already, please do so immediately.

Now, I will try to answer the most frequently asked questions that we have received

1.  Why was I banned?

Most likely you were banned for breaking any of the rules outlined on the main page.   Over age users are dealt with severely.    Even if you are joking around about your age, that can get you banned.

2. How long do bans last for?

Typically they last for a week or two.  It really depends on the severity.  For example, if you are banned forever, it probably means you are overaged or committed some severe act.  If that is the case, there is also a change that your information will be passed onto authorities for review.

3.  I was wrongfully banned.  Can you let me back in?

Well, our mods try to be fair as much as possible.   They do typically give you a chance to make things right.  Repeat violators are usually those that are banned.   If you still disagree with why you we’re banned and feel a moderator was not acting in good faith, you are welcome to send us a message using the contact us link.

Hope that has cleared some of your questions up.   Happy chatting!!



  1. Hi, SO i was banned randomly and i was wondering why was i banned and how long will my specific ban last for jut posting an agrio party for my firends and i to play?

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