Ability to see if someone is kicked


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A feature already in place is if someone is banned, it shows a ‘Banned’ banner on their profile page and is helpful to see if your friend was banned. I think there should be something similar for a user that’s kicked. For example, let’s say you’re in a different room then your friend and they get kicked. If you were having a convo with them, it would seem they randomly went offline for no reason. Sometimes people make mistakes and get banned for saying a certain phrase or kicked for mistakenly spamming. I think it would be very beneficial if one could see on someone’s profile if they were kicked (By the way, it does also show if someone is muted but does not for a kick which does not make a lot of logical sense in my opinion). Attached is the visual banned banner you can see on someone’s profile if they are banned.


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Yeah, that would be a good feature, some way to tell like maybe a boot icon on the profile or something.


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I think the reason it’s not yet been implemented is because the account goes offline during a kick. With mutes, users can stay online but the friends can see why they’re not responding. If they get banned, friends or other users would have to see that the user is banned to realize they won’t come back.

Kicks last for different amounts of time but are often mixed up with bans. Having a similar banner would perhaps cause more confusion. And when the kick time runs out, the user might still be offline. So it would be more convenient to skip it.

Add to that, there is a VPN block which bans you temporarily during use of VPN. But unlike other bans, this one can last for any amount of time and it’s up to you, when you decide to turn off VPN. However, to make it more confusing, those bans work as kicks, with no “Banned” banner showing up, and they don’t show up in history unlike mutes, kicks and bans. So rather than being straight up kicks or bans, it’s more of a blockade with kick/ban feature layouts.

I could also imagine there’d be a massive amount of questions from users to staff when someone gets kicked and they can see it on a banner. Why was he kicked? How long will she be kicked? How many kicks? Etc. That would put more stress and pressure on staff to either answer those questions or reject them respectfully. As it is now, the less you know, the lesser questions you ask, and that benefits staff