August event week: Vocaloid

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Hi and welcome to the August event week! Ik a lot of you have been anticipating this event for quite a while. I got a lot of suggestions for this event to become a thing, so lets make it into a reality! This time it'll focus on one anime series as a whole, Vocaloid. We are also doing this event week to celebrate the birthday of, and the return of the vip user, Hatsune_Miku/Nina F as you may have known her previously. She was 12 years old this whole time, bravely stayed off kc this whole time, and will be allowed back on kc on the event week's premiere, August 12th! If you haven't checked out the latest updates that I've made already regarding new event info, nor have checked out this thread in general, please do! You may also start posting suggestions for the next wave of event weeks that'll happen next year on that thread too!

What is Vocaloid, you may ask? Well, the term Vocaloid in general is a voice synthesizing software used to project singing to an audience. Pretty much what the Vocaloid anime is all about. One of the most known Vocaloids, or I should say, the girl that started it all, is Hatsune Miku. Projected as a 16 year old girl on stage, Hatsune Miku is a software voicebank that was created and developed by Crypton Future Media as a voice to be heard by many. She was basically the start of anime as a whole too. Basically, Vocaloids are humanized software, which creators use their voice and their human body to produce songs shared around the world. Hatsune Miku is not the only one though, in fact, there are many of these humanized software, in which, will be what everyone uses as their pfps for this event week.

There's not much to talk about when it comes to this topic, so lets get right into some character choices!

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These are some of the characters and what they look like. Some can have full names, and some names are as if they are bots or Ai. Remember that all character names are in Japanese format, which means last name is first and first name is last. Other notable characters are as follows:

  • GUMI
  • Yowane Haku
  • Luo Tianyi
  • Aoki Lapis
  • Rana
  • Ring Suzune
  • YOHIOloid
  • Kokone
  • Kizuna Akari
  • MAYU
  • Yuzuki Yukari
  • LUMi (Yes there is a Vocaloid named that)
  • Kobayashi Matcha
There are much more character choices, but those will come at your own extensive research. I'll place usernames on the bullet pointed characters of users who claim those characters at first hand, which means first come first serve!

There will be no rules for this event week, so anything goes and have fun with it!

Important dates and information:

Start date of event: August 12th
End date of event: August 21st
User participation amount needed: 30
Opt outs: Allowed at any point in time.

January-May 2023 event week suggestions: Open and to be posted on the FAQ thread!

If you need help finding a character for the event week, you may pm me on chat for further help. Although, you are given a list of characters here. If none match what you like, then pming me will do. It is guaranteed that the suggestion I choose for you will be a character you like, considering I'll be screenshotting characters for you. September's event week will be Genshin Impact 2.0, another highly anticipated event week suggested by many, so stay tuned for that! Please continue having fun with this event week, choosing the character that you like the most. Make sure to place your character choices below in this thread, so I can record user participation easier, and also DON'T FORGET to wish the vip user Hatsune_Miku a happy 13th birthday and a welcome back to kc on August 12th! There are a lot of characters, so I'm looking forward to seeing your brave character decisions because you'll be your character for a whole week!
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