Drama thread


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Alright, alright, I understand. You all want a bit of drama, don't you? This thread is just here to make your life more interesting. I have felt the forums are somewhat dry these days. Hence, I created this thread just for those who love drama and chaos. As long as you keep it appropriate, talk or argue about any topic you like....


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All human being no matter their religion, sexuality, race, gender, ancestry background, and more deserve basic human rights and equality.

You should educate yourself beyond what school teach you about other people race and culture even if it not your own

USA schools need to teach real history specifically in the 17, 18, 19, 20 centuries because there are so many things people should know about other people's cultures (Such as a black man invented the light bulb but a white man took credit) because they tend to down ~ play history or white ~ wash it

The USA is not the best country, yes it has basic rights but people of color are still fighting for rights and true history is not being teached

This goes without saying but everyone should respect every holiday even if it is not a celebratory holiday dealing with their race

Needing or getting mental help or therapy does not make you crazy and everyone is allowed to have it

Mental Health and Physical Health should be raised to the same importance standard.