How To Become A Mod

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Kids Chat Admin
Mod applications are currently CLOSED.

How to apply:
DO NOT PM me in the chat you would PM/Dm me here in the forum only...
PM/Dm this link @Arkham here on forums and answer the following questions:

1. Username on the site? Include old ones too.
2. Age and birthday?
3. Location/country? Include time zone.
4. Staff experience? (Modding here or on other chat sites, previously)
5. How active? (Time of the day, how many hours)
6. Why should we hire you?
7. Anyone that would recommend you, or any mod you get well along with?

• Used the site for longer than 2 months
• 14 years or older.
• Active daily
• You’re thick-skinned, able to take some abuse if necessary. You’re also patient and willing to make sure everything is dealt with fairly and professionally.
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Maybe you applied once and didn’t get promoted? Or you’ve applied 3-4 times already?
If that’s the case, it means that you haven’t fulfilled all criteria or there have been better options. So what can I do to increase my chances until next time, you may ask. Well, here are some tips

• Make sure to keep up to date with the rules. They might get updated once in a while even when there is no announcement

• If you’re familiar with all rules, try flagging messages in main or inappropriate pms. Or if a profile contains inappropriate images, or if the bio breaks any rule, you can also report the profile. This way we (the staff), know you’re serious about modding and you prove us that you’re interested in keeping the site clean.

• Get to know the mods, respect them and learn from them. However, don’t “lick ass”. No one likes clingy people, nor one’s who put up a fake act just to impress. Be yourself instead. If you have to pretend to be someone else in order to get mod, then you’re obviously doing something wrong already.

• Learn how to deal with tricky situations. Mods get trash-talked often. If you can’t handle criticism, you’re not ready to become a mod. So if you want to improve yourself, try practicing your own abilities to stay patient and respectful, even when other users disrespect you.

• Make sure you follow all rules. If you get muted or kicked too often, you’re obviously not mod material. Then there’s no point in applying.
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