i got banned for an accident and for what my brother did


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so me and my brother were on kidschat, he was archer and i was tiffanysrevenge
i accidentally switched my age to 22, while im 14, and tried to select that.
i got banned for 5 hours so i decided to watch him.

he basically got into a dm with this guy named "Candpenguin" (kicked and banned i think) or something, and was trolling him in which i told him to block him and get it over with but obviously he didnt.
so he got banned from the site, and when i checked my pc, i was banned from the site also.
can you unban tiffanysrevenge, but keep him banned? what he did wasnt an accident, and he should learn the consequences.


Kids Chat Admin
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Kids Chat Admin
How would one accidentally switch there age to 22? I mean why would you even be switching an age to start with. You now will need to show proof of your age in a PM to me here in the forum....NOT in the open!