I've been banned


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Hey so I was wondering if I could get unbanned the reason I got banned doesn't really make sense but I can see where it's coming from. I sent it because I thought the gif was funny and I promise I will never do that again. And the reason I joined back on another account was I don't want to lose kid chat. It's fine if you don't expect this apology and don't give me my account back but it would be very nice and kind if you do pleese mesage me back when ever you can about this Sincerely starsand2


Ducky Mod!
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This one should stand, you've had your fair amount of chances to stop posting inappropiate drawings/gifs and you haven't stopped.

It's unfortunate that this one was the kick that "broke the camels back" but that's just how it goes. Look forward to seeing you in a month if you're still around :[


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On top of what seb said, you also bypassed bans and kicks as StarSand3 and Starfire. Remember, bypassing only extends your ban longer, so make sure you don’t do that!