Kidschat Awards 🏆


•Kindest Kidschat User: Definitely not me

• Best profile photos/Background photos:Jayselle

• Most Iconic User: Me, myself and I

• Biggest Kidschat Troll: Me

• Oldest Kids chat User: Administrator


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Best Profile photos - -Seb
Most iconic user - pumpkin (in the small caps font)
Biggest Kc troll - Whoever hacked kc the other month
No clue about the oldest one though
What do you mean by "hacked"? Who "hacked" KC? All I heard of was a DoS attack...
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What do you mean by "hacked"? Who "hacked" KC? All I heard of was a DoS attack...
Idrk, they deleted a bunch of rooms and renamed main to something having to do with the owner being a ped. IDK what a DoS attack is, but I think I've heard it somewhere. If that's what I'm talking about feel free to call me an idiot.


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Kids Chat Admin
DoS is also known as a denial of service attack that is where they send packets of random information flooding the server in which they are attacking to the point where it brings the server crashing down or locks it up, which is basically the same.


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• Kindest Kidschat User - BunnyThePlush

• Best profile photos/Background- DarkestDepths

• Most Iconic User Now- Seb Older: Cypress

• Biggest Kidschat Troll-

• Oldest Kids chat User- The Admin • Best cos-play user Sky
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