Mental health


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So I am aware that now days teen mental health isn't perfect but here are a few strategies to possibly help you with yours:

Firstly, write a diary of how you feel. Update it daily and make it one of the things you have to do. This is personal so write in it however you feel.

Secondly, go outside for walks. Get a change in scenery, meet someone outside. This can be beneficial if you are overwhelmed.

Talking about being overwhelmed. Thirdly, if you feel overwhelmed leave the area. Go and find someone/thing to calm you down. If you feel like that isn't working and your thinking of doing something dumb get a rubber band and ping it on your self or try breathing exercises.

Finally, talk to someone. Getting it off your chest can be better than bottling it up.

If you need support for anything that is 'dumb', demonetized already has a post here which is pinned but I'll link it somewhere.

Now these strategies work well for some and not so well for others so if you have any ideas put them in the comments. Sorry if this was a repeat for some of you.