Pedophile Users (How to spot /react to one): REPOST


Hello guys, as a person who has served a lot of years on kidschat, I've been sent many MANY messages from disgusting men and women asking me for nudes, to play disgusting games, and much more. So heres my advice to you if this ever happens to you (which theres a 100% chance it will or already has)

1. BE SMART! Don't interact with them, please don't send nudes or do nasty stuff on kidschat to keep the community safe and to keep yourself personally safe

2. REPORT THEM: Usually, at every timing a mod should be on moderating the chat. Everything you report, they can see and if they are being nasty and saying creepy things the mods will infact kick them!

3. Don't give out ANY private information, giving out your private information will be a easy way for them to track and find you, and maybe even threaten you.

4. If they threaten you, report them immediately, THEN send kidschat a email explaining that you was threaten! They will deal with it

5. Don't make friends with people on guest accounts or on non-real like profile pictures. Yes I understand that this might be rude to say, but some pedophile uses fake accounts and guest accounts to get your information!


6. PLEASE: If your under the age of 15 and you don't know how to solve a situation like this, please tell an adult that you trust! This is important!


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UPDATED STATUS: This isnt a chat room, and this thread is made to help people out, not for drama to be started which its totally off topic. Only comment on this thread IF ITS RELATED to the topic. Some of you need to grow up and handle arguements in the private chats. Keep in mind, it's still not October yet, so we still have some young kids on this chat. Be a rule model.