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Kids Chat Admin
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Kids Chat Admin
Maybe instead of constantly complaining here in the form you should go and read the actual rules of the room. Make your time worth something more than endless complaints.

KCR1 - Ages
You’re only allowed to use the chat room if you are 13-19 years old. If you are older than this, you will be removed.
Only ask for specific ages. No “younger” or “older” than this or that. It could be considered as if you are asking for underage or overage.
Do not talk about, nor use family usernames that include titles of under or/and overage people. Examples of this: dad, mom, babysitting, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, and more. Do not use family names such as brother/bro or sister/sis either.
If you use more accounts than one, ages and gender need to match.


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Also VIPs can 'bypass' the censor to post You Tube links, the side effect being you don't know what words aren't allowed to be said. You're still punished for bypassing the censor if you say them in a voice message or if you type a censored word