Still having an issue with the drawing feature


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This all started when I updated my browser. But it doesn't work in other browsers either so it may have been a coincidence.

List of issues:
• When drawing, the line will flip and start drawing in the lower left corner of the drawing screen.
• When sending drawings, instead of sending what I drew, it sends a black, white, or bright yellow screen. Side note, the yellow isn't a shade available in the colour picker on the drawing screen.

List of things I've tried:
• Logging out and in.
• Making new accounts.
• Clearing my browser history, cookies, and files.
• As mentioned prior, new browsers.

There's other users with this issue, so far no one has found a way to fix it.

Any ideas are welcome.


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Kids Chat Admin
Since you say this all started after doing a browser update I am suspecting that something in the update has affected your tablet in a bad way. Would it be possible to completely delete the browser that got updated and then check to see if another browser would work? Or to get really drastic you could factory reset your tablet and see if that fixes the problem.