Updated age requirements.

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Hey everyone.
Due to concerns regarding age, in relation to the chat site's safety, we will now raise minimum age limit.

Rules have until now stated that anyone under the age of 13 can use the chat room, if they have parental permission. That will not be the case anymore. The lowest allowed ages are 11 and 12, both of which require parental permission. If you happen to be younger than this, yet have your parents' permission to use this site, we will not let you stay.

So if you are below the new age limit, please delete your account as soon as possible. Everyone younger than 11 years old have to leave the site before 1st October. Anyone who fail to follow this instruction will get banned.

Age ranges:
Parental permission required: Ages 11 and 12
Parental permission not required: Ages ranging from 13 to 19.
No permission to use the site: 10 years old or younger, and 20 years old or older.
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