What's the most food you have eaten


Saguaro sovereign
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I was thinking about stuff I have done and remembered eating over 10 baskets of hot wings at a place because they had a deal where you paid a certain price and got unlimited wings so I ate like 60 wings to get my money's worth and felt sick I beyond ate too much that night but I am sure whatever was paid was worth it and I was satisfied with what I did.

What was the most amount of food you have all eaten in one sitting or if nothing comes to mind what is the best meal you have eaten?


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one time in 5th grade we had a valentines party and there was so many desserts and ofc I didn’t want to miss out on anything so I ate at least 3 of everything and some moms were very determined to get rid of every bit of food so they kept giving out seconds..anyways I came home and threw up red velvet cake, haven’t ate red velvet since then