Who wishes we had an time machine?


Well, I do.

Sometimes I want to go back to the old days.

I just want to fix stuff(stupid mistakes)back from the old days and actually be smart.

And actually make change. And it would be fun.

*Sorry, for bad grammar and spelling and not making sense, bad device here.


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There are plenty of things I would like to fix. But I feel that living with the decisions you've made and learning to cope with them and move on is an important part of life.


The thought of having a time machine seems tempting but idk if i really want to go back and change certain things because 1. I like myself as i am now and changing certain things might change who i am today (?!) 2. It'd be too painful for me to witness myself going through the situations I've been through so yeah .
Also i think if any human got access to a time machine they will probably end up changing ever single moment of their life...... After all there is always a better way to do something (if that makes sense) .
But yeah i'd like to know when I'm gonna die cause then I'd have a solid deadline for my bucket list lol.