Why do most of the people want to become a staff member....?


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I was merely wondering. What is it that motivates people to apply for mod? Is it power? Is it the idea of helping others? Is it the idea of removing pedophiles from this chat? Perhaps the reason varies from individual to individual. I just want to hear your opinion on this, my dear people....


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I don't even want to become mod tbh. Plus most of the new staff members were better before they were mod so idk


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But IDK. Some people manage to wear the cloak of power well. Take Ophelia or Kevin, for example. People might call them 'cringe' but I think they are fair and just. These are the kind of mods/admins we should make our role model....


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Honestly all mods now days are fair and just. The only time they weren't was over a year ago when a user hacked a mod account and many other accounts and kicked like a 1/3 of kc.