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Please follow the kids chat room rules. Here are a few important reminders:

- Please review our Privacy Policy before proceeding.

- You have already agreed you are a minimum of 13 years of age but not older than the age of 19.

- Do not swear or cuss. You are being monitored. Be respectful to others.

- This is a family safe kids and teen chat. Do not engage in any "mature" discussions.

- Report technical and behavioral problems (including overage people) to a moderator or admin.

- To report a public message, please click the flag button that appears after each message to send it instantly to a moderator for review. (registered users can report)

- If you engage in private messages and have a report to be made, please provide screenshots to us. We do not action reports where a user is accusing another user of something without proof. We hope you can understand that policy. Please make sure the screenshots include a username. Upload your screenshots to an image upload website as we do not allow the transfer of images on our website. Provide us with the link. Please note that if you are reporting a message in public chat, please use the flag report button. Only private chats require screenshots.

- Please visit our Administration Team page for our latest moderators and administrators.

- Stay safe and do not give out any personal information to anyone.

- If you are not comfortable participating with a large group of people varying in gender and age, please find a room such as the girls chat or the boys chat to join.

- These kids chat rooms are monitored by moderators and/or law enforcement. We have assisted and will continue to assist many law enforcement agencies around the world. Do not engage in illegal activities or you will face severe punishment.

- For those of you looking for another chat site with more categories and topics, this website has what you are looking for. Please visit this free chat community. If you prefer to chat with the more mature teen crowd, this Teen Chat just might be what you are looking for.