gay fish boys got me kicked


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ooh yall got mad at this one

was wondering if i could get this kick rescinded? it was issued by nicki a few days ago, and they clarified it was because they genuinely did not know that i was lgbt+ myself and was joking about a movie.

(further context, and i think some mods can confirm)

i was joking in regards to the movie Luca (im sure those of you who have seen me in chat have seen me on my gay fish movie rants), and i do that often. there's one scene that never fails to get me emotional and i like to meme the hell out of it. im pretty sure all of the mods know im queer and/or joking, because of how often i joke about the movie. (usually the jokes are self-deprecating and/or along the lines if "i hate those gay fish boys smh" etc.and this one was a little less contextual.)

however its never been a problem before or after this one kick, and nobody has taken it as harmful or offensive (if anyone did i would have clarified i was queer myself, etc) and oftentimes many users get the references and joke along.

i also think the "making me cry" part makes that other assumed context a little less potentially harmful. nicki and i clarified this a bit ago, but i never brought up getting the kick rescinded.

this thread is/was not intended to come off as angry or hostile in any manner, i am genuinely just curious and wanted to explain the context there. :] (also the title is a joke and i thought it would be funny with the context)
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You're still not allowed to say those kinds of things on chat, whether you think you should be allowed to say them or not


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You can’t expect mods to memorize each person’s sexuality just to use it as an excuse for offensive jokes. There are loads of strangers around, including mods. People who don’t even bother to get to know you. Mind blowing right?

Get down to earth and realize there are much more people around you than you and your friends. People who shouldn’t fall victims for offensive jokes

And where do the rules state that you can’t be kicked if it’s a so called joke? Show me. Since you’re seeing something I can’t see. With this mentality, someone could say they’re overage, then claim it was a joke. And they’d get away with it. Same in real life, you can’t get caught breaking laws, and when held accountable, blame it on people not getting the alleged joke, or whatever else you intended


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First of all, thats not a good joke to be made. There are people who are sensitive and take it seriously so let’s not continue on that
And second of all, the movie has nothing to do with gay romance.


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Tbh you should've seen it coming LMAO, you defend people for saying slurs, and makes jokes like this all the time. Though it clearly says NOT to joke about that, you can't just expect the rules not to apply to you when you're apart of the community yourself. 👹 Anyway what's done is done