plz unban me cuz am pro

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sup lads and lasses artaz here. so i think i got banned last week and i would like to be unbanned beacause banning me caused me depression, now everyday i woke up
i cry while singing snk openning then at breakfast i drink my salty tears after that i go to school to get my lunch stealed by the quiet kid, then i go back home and on the road i listen to rick atsley songs in my airpods while dancing in a very strage way . at home i try to log in my account to slay some nobs and then boom " you have been banned " so after seeing this i start putting apple juice on a plate and i proeced to sniff it after watching my favorite egirl stream on twitch i go to sleep and cry while screaming "POOP69POOP" and i do this everyday since a nob banned me .

so i think that with my good gramar and my explanations you guys will unban me

Artaz the empreror of pros .


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You know why you got banned, you had several chances, and this is clearly not a serious attempt to request your account to be unbanned. Just a troll post. Thread closed
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