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Throughout my life I've encountered several narcissist they constantly act like the world is their palace my father is one of those people have any of you ever dealt with a narcissist


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Has your father ever tried CBT, Pankechi? CBT is usually used to counteract NPD. Though for me (and I speak from experience since I was diagnosed with NPD since age 10), CBT was only effective partially. Lol it seems like I'm still an egomaniac, devoid of emotions like love (even for my immediate family members), but the key thing I have learnt during my course is that an essential step towards improvement is to admit to yourself that you are a narcissist. Admitting this is the first stage towards improvement. Another key point to note is that whenever you excel in any endeavor (for example, my area was physics), force the idea that there are dozens of other people in the world that are better than you in that particular endeavor. I would finally suggest that if you have any sudden sadistic desires (as narcissists usually have), force that sadistic idea out of your mind through other work. Busy yourself elsewhere. I usually had sudden sadistic desires during periods of boredom when I had nothing to do. I admit I was never quite able to counteract those desires and I was forced to express my gruesome ideas on poor creatures like lizards and ants....