Fall Updates!

Hey Kids!

The summer has come and gone and we hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing.   2020 has sure been a challenging year for all of us.

As we move into the fall we wanted to announce some exciting changes moving forward.

Chat Room Updates:

As we promised earlier in the year, we are working on updates that will further make reporting violations easier and this place a more enjoyable place for our users.

We will be launching a report tool for profiles as well.  This will allow kids chat users to directly click a button to report a profile to our moderation team for further action.   For now, please continue to report profile violations directly to a moderator and/or use our contact form inside the chat to report users who violate our terms of service.   Also, the in-chat reporting flag is still there to use and we are encouraged by the usage and feedback we have received the past few months.   Thanks for your continued support to help keep this place safe.

We will also be adding some new features to our software which we are confident you all will enjoy.   A lot of UI changes are coming.  Stay tuned for the exciting new features we are bringing.

Message for “MoneyMax” and a word of advice for our users:

We noticed that he is back making videos that are ultimately being taken down.   Then crying about it and giving a “if I am not here tomorrow” sob story.  Boohoo.  We have a message for this clown.  Stop trying to be a vigilante!  You are not above the law.  You are just an average Joe Nobody and should let law enforcement do their jobs.  You are posting peoples pictures all over the internet with their supposed personal information and accusing them of being pedophiles.   How do we know all of the personal information you’re posting on Youtube is even of the person you allegedly caught or accurate for that matter?   From the supposed research you did about our website, it is very clear researching is not one of your top skills.   There could be an innocent persons personal information being smeared all over the Internet.  It could be a classmate of someone you’ve been holding a grudge with your entire life for all we know.   I am not saying they are or aren’t and it not my place to judge that but the line needs to be drawn somewhere.   We have identified many predators over the years.  Imagine we started posting all of their personal information for millions of people to see.  That wouldn’t go over well just from a privacy point of view and especially before these criminals are convicted.  Now before anyone accuses us of protecting predators, believe me we hate pedophiles as much as he supposedly does but Youtube was correct to remove the videos.

Recently there has been a surge in Predator hunting with the surge in online chat room usage due to Covid and a general increase in awareness.   We are not forbidding it and it is not necessarily a bad thing but please be wary of your rights as a citizen and how far you go with obtaining information.  You must obey our chat rules also obey the law.  If MoneyMax has found pedophiles or any of our users have, please report them to a moderator at the very least.  If there are signs of immediate danger please report it to the Cybertip line or your local law enforcement.  Crying about it to people like MoneyMax won’t get you far.  They don’t even pick up the phones for him.   Acting as a vigilante is not only reckless, but also dangerous.  Do not approach predators or engage them.  They are dangerous people and should be handled by law enforcement only.    Law enforcement is actually quite good at what they do.  They investigate and have many tools at their disposal to identify and aprehend criminals.  We have provided many agencies around the world with information leading to the arrests of these criminals and will continue to do so.  Again, please report any violations through the proper channels.

We will update you once we have the changes ready.  Please be aware that the developer of our chat software is a third party person so when it is ready it will be ready.  We have no control over that.  If it could be done tomorrow, we would!

Stay safe kids!



  1. I have just been to this website after finding it on Youtube. I was in the chat room for over an hour. I did not have any older people approach me in private chat. I think those videos are making stuff up. Maybe they were sitting in the chat for a week or so and once they got someone older chatting them up decided to just say they were in the chat for 10 minutes. Also, how are HMU or ASL sexual terms? They have been used for years in chat room sites. They are anything but lol.

  2. Right so I got banned last night, would be cool with it if I did actually spam and wasn’t following all the rules. Which I was

    1. I hoped it made sense. I was pretty mad, it was ment to read that my ban was fake and is essentially a prof that something needs to be changed.

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