Chat Update has launched

Hey Kids!

Today we have some exciting news.   We have upgraded our chat application.

Among the changes are the following:

  • user profile reporting
  • private chat reporting (improved system)
  • added custom font options (mostly for VIP users)
  • UI improvements
  • performance improvements

The highlight of our changes is the new and improved reporting system.  Now guests and registered users can report a profile or message to our moderation team.

To access this feature, simple click on the users profile, and in the top right corner of the screen will be 3 lines (called a hamburger menu).   Click that and select “Report”.

report options

From there, select your reason from the drop down mean and click “Report” again.

report reason

Your report will be sent to a moderation team for review.   Please do not abuse this feature as false reports can get your own account kicked or banned.

We hope you enjoy the new update and happy chatting!

P.S.  These updates are implementations that we would loved to have had for a while now.  We are not the developers of this application so it takes time to implement.  We would like to also have magic jelly beans automatically appear but some things were/are not possible due to certain limitations.  Thanks for your patience and especially to those who have enough common sense to understand that if you want something it doesn’t mean its always possible to just snap your fingers and get it.  No, we’re not going to shut this website down because of a very very small percentage of users who violate our terms of service and rules.  Those users were and have been dealt with on an individual basis.  Now, we have more tools to deal with them 😀



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