Be careful of scams

Hey Kids!

Hope everyone is having a great year.

We wanted to issue a warning for the users of our website about something that was recently brought to our attention.

Apparently, there has been some people going around messaging other users with promises of VIP added to their accounts.  These scams are 100% fake and they are doing this to capture your password information.   Websites such as these are illegal and will be reported to the authorities.


Here is an example of one of these fake websites:

fake website

Anyone promising they can is trying to scam  you.   Also, just a friendly reminder, please do not give your password to anyone else.   We have many reports of users totally losing their accounts because they were conned into giving their password.  The best rule of thumb is to NEVER visit any external links that other users provide.  They could potentially be dangerous.

Happy chatting!

The Team


  1. i was going on to when the guests botton was not there but it wont let me make in acount so how am i suposed to chat can you plz bring back the guests because it says when i try to make in acount the the wrong email when its the right one and some times if the email does work it wont send me the code idk what to do plz help

  2. this happens a lot on other social websites. especially clickbait or “free stuff” and etc. please be safe everybody

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