Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays

As we all know, the holidays, and any kind of break from school, are a period of relaxation, chatting here, and free time. However, it’s easy to get preoccupied with doing nothing.  Suddenly having no homework to complete and no early wake up call for the weekdays is usually one of the joyful benefits of being on a break.  Not utilizing that free time productively and in a way that fulfills us though, will ultimately make the break pass by quicker and uneventfully and can leave us unmotivated and depressed when it finally comes to an end.

There are many ways to combat being idle and thus wasting all our free time, especially for the holidays since they are a period when family gatherings and other happy and celebratory moments take place.  One of them, and possibly the most crucial way to achieve productivity, is setting up a daily schedule and planning our day as well as trying to wake up as early as possible to make the most of it.  That will eventually lead to a better transition to going back to school when the break ends. One can choose to make a schedule based on their own wants and needs, for example adjusting the wake-up time or when to have time for hobbies and spending time with friends or family.  If one doesn’t necessarily want to commit to a designated daily schedule, to-do lists work the same way and are a toned-down version of a schedule.

Another way to stay active and productive during the holidays is changing out of sleeping clothes or pajamas when waking up, which can lead to a more productive day since it tricks our brain into thinking we’re having an active day, regardless of staying in or not.  Considering the upcoming holidays are Christmas and the New Year, it’d be normal to find it hard to stay active while eating excessively due to all the dinners and snacks that those holidays bring.  Trying to exercise when we can is important, even if that means just doing some stretching when we wake up.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above can help all of us stay more motivated and productive through the holiday breaks that are coming up while still having lots of fun in celebrating with our families, even amidst this pandemic.

Happy holidays fellow kids chat members!

This article was written and contributed by regular kids chat user: Tifa


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