Chat Room Emoticons

So what exactly are emoticons? Well. Other users might describe them as smileys or emojis. Either term can be used as that is just a name classification. However, they all have one common theme. They express your emotions. You might be feeling happy, sad, angry, sleepy, etc. Rather then type that you are any of those, you can simple display an image to display this emotion. There are also other emoji's that you can display which do not represent emotions, such as just a physical object such as a car, moon, or food.

Attention Kids Chat Users: Please use these chat smileys in the Kids Chat rooms!


The above emoticons or smileys can all be used inside the kids chat. There is an extensive collection with some animated ones too. Simply click the smiley icon and select it. There are also shortcuts you can use. To find the shortcuts, you will need to select the smiley and it will appear on the message input field. There, you will be able to see the shortcut code. Please limit the amount of emoticons you use per line. Anyone caught spamming will be immediately kicked out or banned from the rooms. No exceptions will be made.

Have fun and happy chatting!

tongue emoticon