Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these chat rooms safe?

We do have a safety page that you can follow. As long as those tips are followed, there you will be safe.

2. Do I need any special computer add-ons to use this website?

In terms of hardware, no. However, we ask that you download the latest version of Flash if you plan to use these chat rooms on your desktop.

3. Do I have to follow all the rules?

You absolutely have to! This is what you agreed to before entering Kids Chat.

4. There is an older user in the chat that is making me uncomfortable?

Take screenshots. Report the user to a moderator. Report to your parent or guardian. If it is serious enough, report it to your local police.

5. Do you have any personal information on me?

The only personal information we would have of you is the IP address you used to connect to the chat.

6. Do you share IP addresses with anybody?

Yes, we share them with law enforcement agencies who request them through proper channels.

7. Is it true that you have put older users in prison?

Well, we cannot disclose any details of past or pending cases. We actively work with law enforcement agencies around the world and many users who should not be here and groom or exploit young kids, teens and children will face the fullest punishment of the law.

8. Do I have to pay anything to be here?

Not a single penny. This website is 100% free with no strings attached.

9. Do you have any other chat websites to recommend me?

Please visit our chat links page.

9. I see you have moderators but I don't see one online right now, what can I do?

Our moderators also have lives, so please do not expect one to be on every single second of the day. However, we try our best to have the room covered as much as possible. Any illegal events should be reported to your local police.

10. Can I become a moderator?

Moderators are hand selected and must meet certain criteria. If you qualify, we will reach out to you.

11. I have some questions that have not been answered, who do I contact?

Feel free to drop us a message using the 'Contact Us' link at the top.