Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am under the age of 13, can I be here? I even got my parents permission to be here!

No. This chat is for users between the ages of 13 and 19 only. Sorry, but you will need to wait until you are 13 years old to be allowed here. Having permission does not exempt you from our age restrictions. We know this might be disappointing to some of you but these are our strict age requirements. The same goes for users who are older than 19.

2. Do I need any special computer add-ons to use this website?

In terms of hardware, no. However, we ask that you download the latest version browsers such as Chrome or Firefox if you plan to use these chat rooms on your desktop or mobile devices.

3. Do I have to follow all the rules?

You absolutely have to! This is what you agreed to before entering Kids Chat.

4. Are these chat rooms safe?

We do have a safety page that you can follow. As long as those safety tips are followed, then you will be safe. With the extraordinary amount of safeguards put in place, if you trust using Snapchat, Skype or the like, you can bet this website is as safe, it not safer.

5. There is an older user in the chat that is making me uncomfortable. What should I do?

Please keep in mind that we DO NOT allow users over the age of 19 to enter our chat rooms. We do not encourage or advertise or suggest they do. Unfortunately, they have taken it upon themselves to come to our website. You can use the reporting tool beside each message to report the message where a user is indicating his or her age. You can also follow up the report by contacting a moderator, if they are present in the chat room. Report to your parent or guardian. If it is serious enough, report it to your local police. DO NOT continue to engage in conversation with older users. Do not bring them to another platform. That does not help solve the issue. We DO NOT allow them to be here but sometimes they remain anonymous and/or lie about their age. Often times, they will admit their age in a private conversation. That is the time to report them to a moderator or administrator in the room. Don't forget to take screenshots for back up proof. That is important to validate your claim and also locate the user in question. This website does not allow uploading of images due to the nature of its audience and the potentials for danger of that. We ask that you use a free upload website such as or to upload your screenshots and then send us the URL link to it. The same applies to users under the age of 13. They are not allowed to be here.

6. Wait, what? Can you be a bit more clear about how we can send screenshots?

The best way and most effective way to make sure we receive your report is to upload your screenshots to a free image upload website. After you have generated a link for it, provide it to a moderator. We will action that report. If no moderator is on you can message the report by using our forums. Please do not be silly and try to mail or send us a bunch of screenshots. There is a chance it will never reach us. Private and public chats (where everyone can see) can be reported using the flag button that is to the right of each message. That will capture the message and username and will be viewable. No screenshots are required.

7. Do you have any personal information on me?

The only personal information we would have of you is the IP address you used to connect to the chat. We may also have your email address if you have provided it to us for registration purposes. Email addresses and IP addresses are never shared to anyone except law enforcement who request them through legal channels. We do not use any of the above information for advertising or commercial purposes.

8. Do you share IP addresses with anybody?

Yes, we share them with law enforcement agencies who request them through proper channels and/or if we believe a users life may be in danger and warrants further investigation beyond our capabilities. We always have and will. Otherwise, no we do not. We value the privacy of everyone here. If you are within the age limits of this website and follow all our rules, you will be fine and never subject to any investigation.

9. Is it true that you have put older users in prison?

We cannot disclose any details of past or pending cases under privacy laws. We actively work with law enforcement agencies around the world. Users who should not be here and groom or exploit the users of this website will face the fullest punishment of the law. Although we never take justice into our own hands, we definitely assist in doing so. It is safe to assume that we have assisted in the arrest and conviction of many pedophiles around the world. Remember to follow all the rules, stay safe and report any older users to us or local authorities.

10. Do I have to pay anything to be here?

Not a single penny. This website is 100% free with no strings attached.

11. Do you have any other chat websites to recommend me?

For older teenagers we recommend going to this Teen chat room. For those of you who prefer a more all-ages type atmosphere, we recommend going to Chat Avenue which is one of the oldest and most popular chat sites in the world.

12. I see you have moderators but I don't see one online right now, what can I do?

Our moderators also have lives, so please do not expect one to be on every single second of the day. However, we try our best to have the room covered as much as possible. Any illegal events should be reported to your local police immediately. We will action reports we see ASAP.

13. Can I become a moderator?

Moderators are hand selected and must meet certain criteria. If you qualify, we will reach out to you. Other times, we will post an announcement in the news if you require more moderators. Please refer to our current list of moderators for our latest moderating team.

14. I have seen some bad people use these chat rooms, why not just shut this website down?

We try our best to make this website as safe as possible. Safety is a two way street. We can do our part but you must always do yours. Please follow the safety rules throughout the site. Shutting this website down will not stop another from opening up and all those bad guys from going there, perhaps with even worse security measures. This site is only offered as a place of enjoyment. We staff moderators and encourage safe use and feel that the safety measures we have set in place will make things a lot easier. It would be foolish to suggest that we encourage these "bad people" to use our website. That can't be anything further from the truth. We have already had many documented cases of predatorary and abusive people using platforms such as Snapchat, Skype, Kik, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This website is no different. We are popular not only because we offer a great platform for kids...but we also try our best to make it safe for them as well. The 99.99% of the legitimate users here appreciate that. Whenever a website, application or any other platform becomes popular, it is bound to attract these bad people. Is shutting down Snapchat, Skype, Facebook or Instagram also the solution? Help us by working together to get rid of these users for good. Parents need to educate their children starting at a very young age and warn them about the potential dangers of the internet and users must also take responsibility to limit their exposure to any predators. Please follow our safety tips. Shutting down each and every website targetting kids is not the solution. It is almost the same as asking ISP's to shut down because they offer their services for these predators to use. The Internet is not going to shut down, but we can surely limit the amount of danger that predators can cause.

15. I have received an on screen message saying that my ASN or IP address is banned. What does that mean?

There are certain IP addresses that we ban from the entire website. Those are usually VPN or Proxy IP addresses or entire ISPs that are known to be used by certain BOTs spamming our website. VPNs are also primarily used by people up to no good and want to hide their identity. Those are all on permanent ban and will never be released. We are continually adding new VPN and Proxy servers to our ban list everyday as we come across them. These have helped tremendously to filter out spammers, bots and other criminal activity. It also allows law enforcement to identify the cowardly perpetrators much more easily.

16. I have a ban or kick notification when I try to access the chat room. What happened?

Just as it says! You were kicked or banned. Bans are reserved for more serious offenses and will never be removed. Kicks can range in duration from as little as 5 minutes up to several hours. There will be a timer displayed on your page to indicate when the kick will expire. VPN users are also automatically kicked from the chat room for 5 minutes. Use this time to use your real IP address. We do not allow VPN use here.

17. You say that you don't allow VPN use here. Yet, I was able to access this website using a VPN?

Our software and systems detect for VPN use. We do not have humans who verify each and every single IP for a VPN. There are hundreds of million VPN IP addresses available on the internet. New ones come online every single day. We rely on third party software. Eventually they will all be caught but that is an everyday battle for the developers of such VPN detecting software.

18. Older than 19 people often talk to kids so why am I not allowed to talk to them?

The real world is much different than the cyber world. We do realize you may talk to a guidance counselor, a guardian or even your school librarian. They are all over 19. We get that. However, the Internet is a dangerous place. Because we cannot independently verify every individual from all over the world comes here, we have decided to have a strict policy towards overaged users. This is a Zero tolerance policy. We don't care who you are. If you are over the age of 19, you should not be here and you will be kicked, banned and/or reported. I hope that is crystal clear. (The lone exception are for law enforcement officials conducting undercover work. This is permissible)

19. How come I can't upload screenshots or images on your chat rooms?

Sorry but the sharing of images on a kids only website is very dangerous so we have disabled this function. If you are trying to send us screenshots for an incident of abuse on our website, please upload them to a free image hosting website and send the link to one of our moderators or email it to us. Do not send a large amount of images to us directly as that will most likely be rejected by our mail server as spam.

20. Ok so I reported a message or provided evidence, why hasn't anything been done yet?

We take every report seriously. If there is an active mod in the room, action will be taken immediately. If text is written that is violating our rules, they will need to manually be removed so that also takes time. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand. We also have to thoroughly go through each report to verify its authenticity. Please be patient. Time ranges on when action will be taken but rest assured action will be taken. If there is an immediate emergency please contact 911 or your local authorities.

21. So I was talking to someone on the chat and they appeared to be of age, however, after I contacted them off your platform (such as Skype or Snapchat) I found out they were not who they said they were. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we can only action abuse from users using our platform. If there are any serious abuse happening off our website, you should best speak to the platform that you are using. We are confident that they will also have some safety measures in place. Again, we also would like to remind you that sharing of personal social networking ID's is not allowed and we do not recommending you giving out personal information to anyone. The person pretending to be someone who they are not is exactly what we warn our users about. You cannot bring evidence from outside sources to make your case about having a person on our platform banned. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of false reports and that sort of evidence would not be verfiable but our staff.

22. Why do you censor certain words?

We censor words that are commonly spammed in our chat rooms. We also censor inappropriate words for our chat channel that are not suitable for kids. You will notice it is very hard to type a bad word. Often times, spammers will go to great lengths to bypass the filters (such as adding hidden spaces or dots or whatever), but we will continue to update them daily and ban users who continuously use filtered words.

23. Will this website be held liable for user generated content?

This website has a significant portion of its content generated by users. Also known as User Generated Content (UGC). Sometimes it is known as user-created content. This can include text, images, comments, and audio posted by users via our chat platform. This website will never be held responsible for the content posted by users. This is the sole responsibility of the author of such content. We do have features in place to report content that violates our rules to a moderator or administrator. This can sometimes, when necessary, be referred to law enforcement agencies for further investigations. All USG in violation of our rules, when discovered or notified, will be removed as soon as possible by the website moderation or technical team.

24. Do you have video chat?

No, we do not feel it is safe to have a video chat (webcams) in a kids chat room. If someone asks you to go on cam, politely decline their invitation. They are trying to move you to another platform such as Skype and that can be potentially dangerous. Be wary of those asking for cam chat.

25. Where is your privacy policy?

You can access this by clicking the following link: Privacy Policy

26. Can I request my data to be deleted?

As per GDRP guidelines, we allow all users to manually delete their accounts. This can be found under the 'My Profile' link in your account. Simply click 'Delete Account' and it will be removed from our system within 7 days.

26. Do you have emoticons or smileys that can be used on the chat rooms?

Yes. Please visit our Emoticons page for further information.

27. I have some questions that have not been answered, who do I contact?

Feel free to drop us a message using the Contact Us page.

Page was last updated Nov 14, 2021