Predator Hunting

Hey Kids! <— love when the Youtubers read that out on their channels with the nerdy voice act.   (Kids does not mean they have to be like 7 or 8.   Kids can actually encompass any age under 19)

Ok, so another day and a lot of drama.  Well we can handle it.  The best part is that when the admins, moderators, and our regular users know that we have nothing to hide and we are not predators, there is absolutely nothing we should fear.   We will not be bullied by a group of Youtubers and their subscribers.

What is predator hunting?

Topic today is about predator hunting (aka pedo hunting).   This is basically when someone poses as an underage user to bait predators into initiating a conversation with them and ultimately gathering enough information to conclude that the person is indeed a predator.  The degree and lengths to which a pedo-hunter will go varies.  Some have gone as far as meeting and laying a smack down on them.   We will not get into that.  How it works is, a “fake” profile will be created.  Usually one of a young girl or boy.   They will sit in the chat room and wait for any predators to bite.  When the predators take the bait, they are either reported or brought to another platform where it would be easier to have a one on one dialogue. (Skype, Snapchat or Discord as some of the examples)

This is a practice that law enforcement is currently using on our website and we, ourselves, have been using for YEARS.   It is very effective and works very well to weed out potential predators.

We do understand recently there has been a surge in this hunting activity.   This was due to the whole MoneyMax controversy and the embarrassment he endured because a fake, defaming and slanderous video he made was called out.  Many of his lies were pointed out and basically his credibility was hurt. He has now, in desperation, enlisted several of his Youtuber friends and fans to help him in his request to save face and help prove that he was right and everyone else was wrong.  There was one old man posing as a 9 year old which he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  The intro of his vid…he sure could have used that voice thing MoneyMax uses cause it was a total failure. “Let’s go to war” LOL. Dude? chill out, Rambo.   I can see how that conversation must have went as he is probably begging each and every single one of his friends to do a video to support him.   So, we have watched a few of them and, once again, the one sidedness of them is expected.  They never address any of our counter claims we outlined in our previous blogs.    Not a single one of them has reached out to us for our side.  Let’s just take MoneyMax’s statement and run with it is what they’re doing.  We won’t be surprised if in the next little while more videos come up with a “Hey look what I found!” type of title.  Add in some carefully selective juicy statements from subscribers who claim to be regular users here telling their “story”.   I mean its the cool thing to do now to get a few more hits, subscribers, and monetary gains.   Let’s see which other of their group of “friends” want to capitalize on this.  As if dealing with the death threats, fake accounts, spamming and trolling wasn’t enough. 😒

Nah, we’re not going to let that happen.

So, getting back to the point.  There has been a surge of users recently with the sole purpose of predator hunting.   Unfortunately, their motives are not what you think.  They actually try to find predators and then take this as evidence that we do nothing here.  Then labelling us as some sort of underground secret “pedo-ring”.   Without beating this subject to death, we have already stated that we do not allow any overage users to our website (let alone predators).   Now, is that to say that they still won’t come.  Of course not, that would be quite foolish for us to say.  We have users from all over the world.   Some of these predators are desperate and will do anything necessary to gain access to children.   Imagine, if we had to take identification for the millions of users who pass through this website every year.  Collecting their ID card or giving a lie detector test to that 16 year old kid from Germany might be a little bit hard, wouldn’t you say?.   This doesn’t happen on any other platform, but it’s expected to happen on 🤣  Uhhhh right.   So, what is the next best thing?  Well, it is to make full disclaimers that we do not allow them and to report them to us.   It is the same with any platform out there.   You set rules and regulations.  If they are not met, users are removed.  That is exactly what we do and have been doing for years.   If they are not removed, it really DOES mean that nobody has filed a report about them cause I you can bet your bottom dollar that if we see it we will 100% action it.   I mean how the heck else would ANY platform find a user who is overage?  Read every single chat log or how about we give them a truth serum before they use our website.   It really is that simple.  There is no secret ring hiding them.  No you will not be banned for reporting them.  There is no secret scripture hidden in our logo that leads to a back door website were we conduct our meetings to hurt kids.  Please, let’s get back to reality here.

If you do practice predator hunting we do ask you to still follow the rules of our website.  You will not spam any links or social ID’s, you will not have any discussions deemed to be of a mature or adult nature, and you will be within the 13-19 age requirements of this website.  If you do not follow our rules, you can easily find YOURSELF banned or something even worse.  Subject to a referral to the authorities.  We ask that you report these overage users to us immediately so we can at least ban them from our website.   That way, they cannot harm or try to harm anyone further, at least from this platform.   Do not sit on this information like MoneyMax did.   He sat on it for up to 2 months.   Luckily the users he referenced in his video were already all taken care as of the time his video was released.   We do hope the predators he brought off this platform have been dealt with.  Another thing we ask is that you do things safely.  These predators can be very dangerous people.  If you bring them to another platform or start making phone calls to them, who knows who these people might be.  You might be putting yourself in danger so please be wary of that.   We also ask that you do not create multiple fake profiles and start talking to yourself to once again try to slander this website.   We have had people caught for doing just that, in order to troll this website.   This will not be tolerated and we will be keeping an eye out on anybody doing such things to harm the reputation of this website.   (We have other ways to catch multiple accounts from the same user)

Concluding remarks:

We fully expect this same group of Youtubers (who are all friends and kind of piggybacking off each others channels to increase subscribers) and some the brainwashed followers to actively attack this website because quite frankly they watch each others back.  Also, it gives some more content for them.  They are using a sensitive theme to garner sympathy from the community.   I guess they were hoping we stay quiet and let someone recklessly spread lies about us.   That won’t happen.  We just told our side of the story and maybe someone there read it but blame yourself for telling lies and basically making up most of what was claimed in the video.   It’s quite pathetic how he feels that the way to make it right is to continue to defame a website that wants nothing to do with predators in order to validate his points.

We never like to discuss some of the non disclosed safety tactics we use in making this website safer.   The bad thing is that if the predators are reading this they now know one of our strategies of catching them.   Another example is our declaration that the site is monitored 24/7.   Do you know what the consequences are if we start listing the hours our moderators are active?  It states clearly in our FAQ’s that moderators cannot be on every single second of the day.   We actually hope predators don’t see that.   You can blame all those fake videos for that.   If we stay silent, they will call it an admission of guilt.   If we defend ourselves, they are going to say we are trying to silence them.  That is a no win situation.   We still have many other active ways we catch the bad people and will not be discussing those any further.   Earlier today I authorized Arkham to enlist more moderators on our platform.  Our goal is certainly to have 24/7 coverage when everything is all said and done.

Stay safe everyone!

P.S.  When people are saying that 99% of the users are overage or they are getting PM’d by 1000 predators within 10 minutes, something is off.   If  you see someone say “I would like to have a girlfriend who is 14 or 15 years old” ….please don’t jump to conclusions and  label that person as a predator without knowing his age and intentions first.   Use common sense.   Kids and Teens are just being Kids and Teens sometimes.  Stop with all the anecdotal evidence.  Filming yourself screaming at your screen and yelling OMG is not exactly how to go about it, nor is it believable.  It’s quite ridiculous.   Report them!  Check back in a bit and see if those users are still around on our platform.  If you properly report them, they will be banned as soon as we get to your report.   Don’t go running off while rubbing your hands together saying “oh yeah we got now”.  That’s what a lot of these YT’ers are doing.  Report it immediately!  That would be one less bad guy off the platform and potentially off the Internet for good.   Spend your time focusing on doing the right thing for everyone.   Safety is the #1 priority for all of us, right?  Maybe there actually will be some good coming out of all this….and, no, shutting down this website helps nothing.  They go to another website with absolutely no safety measures in place and wreak more havoc than anyone can imagine.   That is just the reality of the situation.


Update #1:  It appears that old man Rambo has now asked his followers to spam the Cybertip and Suicidewatch hotline to  report that we are a pedophile ring. When will these people learn that the safety measures on this website are in place.   They are outlined everywhere.   It’s very clear they are.  ANYONE (of any age) can go onto ANY internet platform and type a disgusting sentence or request disgusting things.   The big point to take is that we will action all reports and at the very least ban anyone abusing our services.   The offending messages are removed, users are removed, and depending on the circumstance, potentially referred to law enforcement.   BTW, messages that are typed do not go through some scanning process.    No platform has that.  I can go on any platform and type whatever i want right now.   Stop blaming our system.  If you have invented a system that can scan messages and scan retinas for real age, please send that to us as we will have an interest in purchasing such technology. <sarcasm in case you didn’t notice>  Have you seen every word that we have filtered.   Heck, we even filter some emojis which we feel can be abused.   If you are seeing disgusting words typed, trust me that user must be going through great lengths to even have it typed.  Ever notice that you can’t say any disgusting words in the chat?    Asking all of your followers (thousands of them) to spam important online children help lines is not solving any issues.   Isn’t one report enough.  They won’t investigate this website a million times.   Again, someone who actually needs help may get hurt because this.   I know intelligence may not be Rambo’s #1 trait, but THINK before you act.  These group of Youtubers (with combined millions of subscribers) need to stop being so angry about a response we did on our blogs that exposed MoneyMax’s lies and inaccuracies in a video.   We didn’t say the entire video was a lie.  We said that the part accusing us of being predators and welcoming predators was a lie.  The evidence presented was manipulated so that was a lie.   We are NOT trying to silence them and their quest to stop predators.  We are with them in that quest.   But we ARE going to speak up if they accuse our own website of  harboring them and inviting them to participate.  That is some slanderous accusations you are making, Rambo.      


  1. Just saw MoneyMax’s latest interview with the old Rambo dude lol. He started up the lies again. Was saying people were sending him #### pictures when it’s impossible to send pictures on the chats here. He went on to say that he was just showing everyone what he saw but the thing is, he wasn’t. Clearly playing the victim again. He lied about it all and twisted the truth around. Guy was so nervous during that interview and eyes about to pop out of their sockets. Clear traits of a liar. What a fake. Yeah lol and he was tagging and crying to all his friends to make a support video cause he got so butthurt over this websites response and his video being taken down.

      1. I didn’t report the video personally for other legal reasons, however, it was deserved. Not because of the message it was TRYING to tell. It was the lies and inaccuracies which we pointed out in our blog response that was the issue with our website. He basically accused anyone working here as Pedophiles. That is a pretty serious thing to do considering no attempt was made to contact us and clear things up. Whether they removed it for that reason, no idea. Predators need to be stopped, yes. However, stop accusing our website of purposely inviting them here or harboring them or being a Pedo-ring. Suggest other ways you can help. It’s irresponsible reporting and slanderous when it’s you are reporting things that are not true and making it a mission to harm us because they were called out on all the lying they did.

  2. I believe that it would be better if you could the repoting feature. instead of requiring screenshots, make it more accessible somehow. maybe you should make it so that whenever the repot button is pressed, the chat log will be sent for review by the website moderators. I understand that many people could abuse this, especially now when people are spamming everywhere but perhaps you should do that after things cool down a bit. and also, you could try doing something like noting people’s report history, as in writing how many false reports compared to how many true reports they made whenever they report someone. and of course there’s the obvious stuff, like not allowing to report a certain amount of people at a certain amount of time, to prevent spamming.

    I apologize for my bad English, and I hope that you still understsand what I mean.

  3. Alright then ACCEPT my REPORTS! I have screenshots, I tried the “contact us” link twice and it failed twice. And yes, I have screenshots of all of this too! If I can supposedly report so easily, why can I not report the IM’s that are 100% PREDATORY!? Please, contact me. Or else this proves that you are really ignoring the problem. And I completely intend to continue collecting evidence until action is done. I’m expecting a response. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lily.

      You can send your linked screenshots to a moderator inside the room, or you can use the feedback form (if you claim the in chat contact us form) is not working. We will look into that claim. But in the meantime you know what to do.


      1. I have now attempted to contact a moderator numerous times but i have been unsuccessful. I have screenshots of this as well. Please, if you have other methods for me to reach out tell me. I will make sure I show you everything one way or another.

          1. My username is Lilypad. The only moderator I could find online was KidsChatSystem. I know this is not a real person. I then found you have a list of moderators. However I cannot contact them through this list. I have searched through the chat for over half an hour to find no actual moderator. But please, ask them to get in contact with me since I have apparently failed to do my part.

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