Follow up to more fake news

Hey Kids

We don’t know why we have to keep addressing this guy but when false information is continually spread then we have to do it.      We will leave the rest through legal means.

Let’s give this clown a new name….we will call him MoneyMax for this follow up.    Again, just random points which should cover any more fake news he’s put out there.

  1. He claims to have sent screenshots to us.   I have personally gone through the email of Arkham and searched for these so called screenshots he has provided.  Not a single email has shown up with regards to screenshots from him.  Whether that was because he attached too many large files and it was rejected by the mail server or it never made it through because of spam detection, I have no idea at this point.  He is using a free throw away email to conceal his identity.  Those are the easiest to be rejected and often are (especially if you are attaching over 4MB of files..JESUS!).  Yes, really, we have no idea, MoneyMax.   He even claimed to not receive a reply for 1 week from Arkham when his own screenshots prove otherwise (more on that later) .  If we do receive screenshots, we will 100% action them.  We have no reason not too.  Legitimate users will use their own real email address and will probably not be rejected as Spam or otherwise.  They have no reason to hide their own identity.  We encourage reporting.  We also encourage you to bring it up to law enforcement if any child’s life is in immediate danger.  Stop wasting time waiting a whole month (or was it two) and throwing a tantrum afterwards.  A child could have been seriously harmed during your time of waiting for a reply that clearly would never have come.  Why didn’t you follow it up earlier?  I guess waiting an entire month to do anything was enough for you to add some spice to your video.  Then claim that we do nothing.  That will make the video better I bet.   If you were very concerned, you would have followed up with an email at the very least (or bring it to law enforcement right away)  We would have told you that we never received the screenshots and to send them again but one by one would be better.   We have always told users to send screenshots and escalate to law enforcement, if necessary.   I challenge anyone to legitimately send any screenshots to us in chat or via email.  Action will be taken.  End of story.  Here is a screenshot of what he claims was an email he sent: (no proof it was actually sent. Maybe it’s still sitting in his draft box to use later as his “proof” it was sent.  But we will give him the benefit of the doubt that he did try to send it)  However, what you see here raises some eyebrows.   “Legal and criminal repercussions underway”.    If his first email wasn’t threatening , this sure sounds like a threat to me but that’s neither here nor there.  Take a look at what he tried to send (this is a screenshot he made, not us.  The blue text and arrows are our edits):email never receivedIf we had received an email such as above, we would have viewed the images and taken action against the users.  Make no mistake about this though.  In no way, would we have replied to his list of questions.   The most he would have received was a  “thanks for the screenshots but please don’t tell us how to run our website.”   The list of of questions appear to be an arrogant way of basically saying “if you don’t answer I will make a fake video with defamatory remarks about your website”.
  2.  The bots who sometimes appear here also spam social media accounts.   Do you even know what a bot is?  Websites, emails or social media IDs can all be spammed automatically by bots.   They do not necessarily have to be a website to be considered a bot.  You really have a lot to learn about the internet.  Are you sure you have been active for 20 years?  We have taken action against bots.  Whenever a new one strikes, we get rid of them.   The same way it is with predators.  The internet will never fully get rid of them but we tackle them on a day to day basis.  Plain and simple and nothing further to discuss about that.   By the way,  did you just randomly add the following to your list and claim it to be a predator (he’s 19)?   How many more did you do that for?   So,  yeah we will stick with the 80% number for now.   Maybe you were just as careless with your list as you were with other “facts” you claim in the message
  3. We are glad you have claimed to have followed up with discord, Snapchat, Skype and the like about the abuse of their services by these sick predators.  Have you also made false claims that they encourage predators to use their platform?  I can see the headlines now “Pedophile Instant Messaging Made by Pedophiles”.   That is exactly the same thing you are accusing our website of.   Perhaps they are too big so better to go after a smaller fish like us because it would be easier to convince your viewers.    The number of predators who use Snapchat and Skype are well documented.  Any reasonable and sane person would never accuse them of being a breeding ground or whatever you want to call it,  for predators.   Thats just ridiculous.  We are a popular site for kids and teens.  We get some bad apples coming in and we deal with them appropriately.   There clearly is no open invitation for them to be here.   If it was law enforcement making a request, we follow up every time.   We do not need to follow up with you as to what we do.   After all, who are you?   We appreciate our users for sending screenshots and reports.  It makes our job a heck of a lot easier.   100% of the time we will investigate and take action, if necessary .  The quickest way would be to message a moderator in the room and/or use the flag button. (Which MoneyMax is apparently not capable of).   If you are expecting a thank you card and a cake, sorry but you won’t get one.   We are not the police.  Our job is to report any information we have to law enforcement and appropriate parties and ban them from accessing our website.  If you search any of those users on your list, you would see that they were probably already banned.  We get to them all eventually.  Reporting by users just speeds up that process.  (no thanks to MoneyMax.  He sat on the information for a whole month at least and decided to do a new video instead of a follow up)  Don’t forget also, when MoneyMax says he was there an hour, he probably was there several weeks.  Again adds to the storyline.  Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he even made up some fake users and chatted with himself to make his video all that more intriguing.
  4. The flag button as outlined on our website is for registered users.  This eliminates guests spamming false reports (which surprise surprise, does happen!)  The screenshots of our main chat room once again left something out as all your points do.  In your video and screenshots you purposely left out the right side where the flag button would be.  There is no hover.  It’s right there.  A bat could see it.    Your account was also a registered account so stop playing dumb, you know it’s there and is used by all our users frequently.  I have never received a message of “where is the report button?” because it’s obviously right there standing out like a sore thumb.
  5. I am having a tough time figuring out exactly what you mean about the “kids need their privacy” part.   Have you heard about internet privacy laws?   Let me just put this in plain english so you know.  WE DO NOT STORE LOGS.   The software does not allow for it.   Privacy laws would also discourage it, if it were possible.   There is nothing for us to read.  Skype is the same.   When we say the messages are monitored it means that authorities and our mods are watching, and they are.  It does not mean literally every single message is being read.  There are tens of thousands of messages sent everyday, mostly as a private chat between users.  You have a reading comprehension issue and that is why you continually take our website text out of context.   When we state law enforcement officers can be monitoring the website, which part was not clear?   They have and do.  They take screenshots.   They go after the bad guys.  They may contact us for more information about the user.  There is no follow up.  No victory lap.   It’s just done.   If you expected us to get on our horse and gather all these pedophiles up with our lasso, sorry you are mistaken about how the law works.  We do not take the law into our own hands.  You should learn to let the higher authorities do their job.   We can only set up under cover users and take reports.  We do not have a crystal ball as to who is a predator and who isn’t.   Is that clear?
  6. So we used the word BS?  Guess not much else to say in your response.  Great extra content for your viewers I guess.  The language you use in your video is 100 times worse.  Oh but they are not kids, right?  There are many kids who have now seen your video.  Great job!  Oh, if your viewership are not for kids it’s ok to use foul language, right?   So, why are you inviting your adult viewers to visit a kids website?  Wasn’t the original victim who approached you a child?  Why are you using such foul language in your videos when you know at the very least your victim is watching.  You are a  hypocrite.   If we were anything like you, it would probably be made into a video accusing yourself of being a predator.   Thank God we are not.   We have some common sense at least.   Please note: Being overaged and posing as a younger user does not make you that users age.  You are still violating our rules and are subject to all the actions we have mentioned already.   The only exceptions are made for undercover law enforcement.
  7. “Not maybe, it’s legal, period. Speak openly about “the predators you’ve caught” or it never happened.”   Are you an idiot?  Do you know anything about law enforcement?   We have subpoenas not allowing us to discuss cases.   This is also not something to brag about.  It actually hurts future cases of law enforcement who work with us to catch predators.  Great job again to put the focus on the wrong thing.
  8. You said that nobody believes that we put safety as a priority.  Well, maybe, people like yourself or some of your viewers especially after watching your one sided, fake news video.   Our users know how we value safety and more importantly the predators who used this website currently sitting in prison, surely know.   We have been preaching safety and reporting of predators well before you were even relevant.   Digging deep into the archives (2013) to find another video where a user says this or that about us is expected.  If you ever had any experience in running a semi-popular chat room you would know the hate that can arise from users disgruntled over being kicked or banned.   We have to deal with those as well as the predators and spammers.  It’s not an easy job but we have been doing great and continue to improve our methods.   I would hate to see some of those other more popular platforms out there and how much trash they must get.  We know how hard it is.   I am not even going to waste time posting thank you messages from parents who say that we give their kids and teens a nice environment to chat in and stay out of trouble.   We will just continue to do the right thing.
  9. As far as this being a defensive post.  Well, yes, certainly it does come out as such.  However, when fake news is being spread and the author clearly has no clue, something needs to be said.  Watching your other videos, it’s very clear that everything is one sided and conspiracy theory oriented.  Maybe MoneyMax is really that paranoid about everything or really that is a good way to attract subscribers.    We all have a funny feeling, the latter is true.
  10. He has taken a screenshot of a user talking with our mod Kelly.  Here is their image: Again, taken out of context.  I can assure you “Kelly” is one of our best mods.    Judging from the length of the conversation (look how far the scroll bar goes down), it was clear the user was trying to fish for a mistake or otherwise text that can be taken out of context and used.   She may have read the question wrong.  We do not ban people for making reports.   That is laughable.  Get real if you are trying to run with that story.  Please get some new content.  Real content.    UPDATE:   After speaking directly with our moderator “Kelly” we hope you will accept Kellys sincere apology for this oversight.  What she thought was the user asked if a report will result in a ban and she said probably (meaning some evidence would need to be provided)   She made a mistake.   Please get over it, or maybe it deserves a video on it’s own? The reality is ANY user over the age of 19 will be banned.   Even if they merely whisper they are overage, they will be banned.  Again, IF reported.  We do not have a crystal ball.   That is the strict guidelines under which we operate.    Zero tolerance for overage users on our chat rooms.
  11. Congratulations on having your adult users frequent a kids website (that alone can get your own users in big trouble).   Should also congratulate yourself for getting your users to file their reports with you instead of our website staff and law enforcement.  Great job!
  12. Final point.  I hope people reading this can be objective and hear both sides.   Tune out the fake deep voice, the sinister music and the other special effects nonsense of the video.  Look at the facts.   We have openly addressed more than we should have under any other circumstances.    The saying goes that there are always two sides to a story.   Hopefully, our side has filled the “gaps” he left out of his story. (translation = MoneyMax only shows what he wants you to see to improve his story.  He will manipulate a screenshot, exaggerate text, and just play dumb to achieve his goals)

Someone who admittedly uses the DarkWeb, has no clue about how the Internet works, how this website works, has no clue about law enforcement or privacy laws, encourages adults to visit a kids chat website and actively uses a VPN connection with a throw away spam email account does not usually deserve a response (let alone two).  They would usually be more of a person  that would need their own investigation.   But hope this clears things up for any other users who had concerns about who we are and what we stand for.   We will actively defend ourselves against slander and libel.   If we were anything what that clown claims, we would be running right now, not standing up for what is the truth.   One of the biggest scum on Earth are predators and pedophiles.  All of our mods here believes that and we will continue our fight against them even if it means overcoming obstacles that hold us back.   Even when the ones holding us back are the people who claim they are fighting the very same battle.

Anyways, we will continue to make this place safer and the internet as a whole safer for everyone.  Please continue to report any abuse of our services and report to your local law enforcement if anything warrants it.    We have been around a long time and will continue to fight predators who try to use our services.

We would like to shift our focus back to the real world now.     Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone.

Your friends at

UPDATE:  We have been informed by several people that MoneyMax is now deleting comments made on his channel.  If the comments are not supporting him, they simply are removed.   Here is one example screen capture of a comment sent by a user which was deleted.    Nowhere was this comment out of line or can be considered spam.  It was just not supporting him, that’s all.  Disappointed, but not surprised by this.   

Update #2: Added notes to the supposed screenshot of the email he claims to have sent to us containing screenshots.  He claims in his video that Administrator Arkham took a full week to reply to his email, yet his own screenshot of his email account shows that actually Arkham replied to him the exact same day.  Just a few hours after his original email.   Stop all the lying, MoneyMax.  Thanks to one of our users who brought this point up.   If anyone else notices anymore inconsistencies and inaccuracies with his supposed “investigation”, please let us know.   


  1. Lol what a jack ass this Max dude is. Great response! The funniest part was reading all the comments from his cult followers. One guy said he does “Quality over Quantity”. His videos are trash with absolutely no research. Quantity is lacking because he has nothing else to talk about. They all look up to him like the dude is Batman or somethin. I see him as a loser who watched too many dark movies and lived in his mamas basement too long. I’ve been here near 3 years. I am 16 years old and i ain’t no pedaphile. Who da heck would buy one of his overpriced ugly tee shirts. Keep up the great work fellas and stay strong. Mamas boy needs a good ass whoopin lol.

  2. hahaha sorry just finished reading some of the comments on his channel. Didn’t bother posting anything there cause it would be deleted. They still trying to figure out the difference between and an ASN and VPN. in fact, i’m pretty convinced they don’t even know what a VPN is. Some were bragging they still got on with a VPN and managed to convince themselves that you were ‘hiding from him’. It is an absolute laughfest to read some of the comments. Another handful of comments were questioning why you called YOURSELF Mr.X. maybe dyslexia is a requirement to join the channel. The amount of mentally challenged peeps in there created more ROFL than i have had in a while.

  3. OMFG! Is he an imbecile. He is accusing this site of working together to bring predators here. Is that his claim? I am an ex-mod from a few years ago. I can tell you that never was i ever told to ban or kick people who reported predators. Moderators come and go here and it would take a very large sophisticated operation to make their claims happen. You’d think by now something would have leaked. Why hasn’t it? BECAUSE IT’S TOTALLY UNTRUE. The mods and admins have never even met each other. We work on our own volunteered time. I had to retire from modding because of schooling. We were always told to kick older users and report them if things got to the point where criminal activity was happening. If you have up to 400 or 500 kids in a room, word gets out and shit happens. Doesn’t mean this website is sponsoring predators. It can happen on any chat network or APP with kids. He moved the conversation from here to Skype and Discord. WTF? Why are you even here. Call the friggin police or call Skype to get an IP address. Quit playing ya dweeb. Unbelievable. Just wanted to back up this website. I am writing this on my free will from someone who’s actually been part of the mods.

  4. They got the meaning of kids all wrong over there thinking we not able to read this blog. Think that we’re a bunch of 7 year olds. Only 13 years aged and up to 19 are allowed here and we certainly know how to read. Most of their subscribers lack that high school education so it’s understandable. Video was all faked and staged. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. “Please inform me in a detailed log every change that is to be made, and be sure to answer all of the questions fully:” LMAO. as if. Hope they go after him hard in a defamation lawsuit.

    1. yeah hahah i guess it all backfired for him. lost credibility too. I personally think that he made the video to give himself the superhero image. he only cares about the $$$ when all’s said and done.

  6. His point was that the website should really moderate their chats more to make it so that the few who are pedo’s get banned. The purpose was to try and get rid of pedophiles on the website and whether his videos are shit or not his video did bring up evidence proving that there are pedophiles on a child only chat site. I don’t understand why this site is trying to deflect these points instead of working immediately on a solution. Btw I don’t think all the people on the site are pedos I think it’s just a small minority and that if they are still allowed to thrive on this platform it will most likely ruin the reputation of this cite. btw please don’t remove this Moderators.

  7. hey i have a mystery he can cover for his next video. Why did he say one week passed by before Arkham replied to him when it says he got replied to on the same day? bet everyone wants that mystery solved.

    1. We do not expect him to respond to that at all. He had a chance to respond to all of the inaccuracies we found but chose not to and call us out for things like writing the word BS.

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