Response to latest video and the spamming

Hey Kids!

Well you might have noticed a surge in the number of users in the kids chat recently.  The reason for the surge was due to several videos posted on Youtube.  The latest one, once again, sent out the wrong message.   I get it they are angry about Youtube taking down MoneyMax’s video, but taking it out here is a bit interesting.   I also get it that those Youtubers are all close friends and MoneyMax cried to them for help so, as friends, are trying to help.  Friendship is important.

The new video was definitely more fair than some of the previous videos.  The one made by the Indian dude (loved that laugh when you read out MoneyMax.  No we didn’t get that from Fivvr LOL) was also a bit more fair.  There were trying to skew to one side, but the evidence on our site shifted him to be more fair.   Rambos video was just horrendous and it shows by the number of subscribers he has so no need to talk much about his garbage of a video.  Although his interview with MoneyMax sure showed how shady MM is.  He claims he received a bunch of messages and then the #### pics.  But this platform doesn’t allow sharing of images, so again hope you see where we’re coming from with the lies.   Somewhere in the video it shows Rambo confirming that MoneyMax approached him in full panic mode (and the other YTers also most likely) asking him “what he should do”.  No doubt they all collaborated to discuss how to handle the removal of his Youtube video and to exact revenge or is it “war” (lol) on this website.  The best thing to go about this was to send a message to all of their subscribers that this website is horrible and Youtube banned the video for no reason when they are trying to send out awareness about a predator issue that clearly exists in society.   That was the best angle they had so they ran away with it.  Also, it allows them to get some new subscribers, content for their channel and they can help their friend.  Win-win situation for them I would $ay.    We all know how this website feels about MoneyMax’s video. lies

The whole reason we were upset about MoneyMax’s video and defended ourselves was because he made up a whole bunch of stuff. [the one week delay in Arkham replying, the screenshots he claims to have sent, number of real predators he actually talked to, not knowing where the report button was, lied about us targeting a ban on his specific IP to stop his investigation, the claims that he received #([email protected] pics on our platform, oh and that fake audio clip he claims to have received topped it all off.  Which everyone believed WE were responsible for.  The list goes on and on.]  Wake up, most of it is made up.  It’s all in his imagination and story telling.  Stop being fooled!  You only need a few days and a couple videos to figure him out.   Tried to make his video more believable (and he succeeded judging from the followers comments) and made everyone here out to be running some sort of pedo-ring.   That was definitely slanderous.   He posted it KNOWING that he made a lot of things up and exaggerated some stuff.  Maybe his arrogance from not receiving a reply to his list of questions (the email we never received) triggered him.  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t even rule out that his email of screenshots was NEVER sent.  After all, if we got his first email, the second one should not have been sent to SPAM.  Hmm.  Makes you wonder.   Anyways, regardless, we never received it.     He ran his video of lies and obviously now the rest is history.   Again, we are NOT against his awareness message.  We are against the way he presented it.

Now one thing that is abundantly clear from all this is that there are indeed many children watching their channels.  So stop it with the fake concern for any curse words on this website while pleading innocence.  It doesn’t stick.  Just look at your channels video full of foul language.    If I had to guess, 70-80% of all of these Youtubers channels are children.

The New Video

This new video released today presented a tiny bit of our side of the story.   We respect that.   The title was again the wrong message to send.  I suppose it was to make a point about why Youtube should not have removed his video.  For the record, all of those users we were able to see displayed in his video had already been banned before video release.  One of them was a repeat offender from Pakistan we are working on to try to eliminate this monster but banning that entire country is not possible.   We hope he also filed reports for them to ensure that.   If you are trying to raise awareness, then make a video about the dangers of the internet as a whole and share safety tips on how kids can be more safe.  Saying that this or that platform is a pedo ring and should be shut down is not the way to go about this.    Every single platform and application out there is potentially…you know what…IS a target of predators.   Anything that kids use will always be a target.  It does not mean that these platforms are some sort of pedo ring or harboring predators.

Today our moderators and team witnessed non stop spamming from subscribers of their channels.   Some of these kids gathered a bunch of people to spam and troll.  Not productive at all.    Encouraging spam should never be condoned.   Some of them came in and the first thing that came out of their mouths were “WOW, this website is trash”, “Look at all the predators” , “The moderators are all pedos”, “F You Peds”, etc.  These messages were coming from people who were literally there for a few seconds.   The Youtubers are partly to blame because they, for the most part, shared one side of the story.   Now, the scary part about this ordeal was that some users were creating fake profiles in order to “frame” this website.   They literally created two accounts and spoke to each other in a make believe fake predatory scenario.   We have evidence of this and may present this at a future date.   Now that is something we would expect from MoneyMax, but that is going very low.     We are going to continue to ban users who are there for the sole purpose of spamming and trolling.  That is not awareness, its spam.  If you legitimately want to use this website, then please do so and follow the rules.  Otherwise, please leave and do something more productive.

If you suspect this website or any site is encourage predators to come and harboring them, then of course report it to the authorities.  However, do so responsibly.  If these organizations wake up to a million of reports,  you take away the staffs ability to handle other real reports, who actually might have someone in real danger and more urgency.

Another question that must be asked is why have these Youtubers not looked at the evidence that was presented on our blogs?  The ones regarding MoneyMax’s lies?  If you actually examine those points and then re-examine the question of why Youtube removed the video, you might actually get some answers.   Instead of throwing a tantrum saying Youtube was wrong to remove a video about “awareness”, ask yourselves why.  You can’t just make a video and slander other people without credible evidence.  At least, we hope that was one of the reasons Youtube ultimately removed the video.   It deserved to be.  It would have also been nice if the videos author reached out to us.

What steps have this website taken in addition to what we had before?

Some points that the new video brought up were accurate and others were either not, or taken out of context.   *For example: The point about “total chaos if we started banning without proof” was taken out of context.  What we meant is there has been a long history of false claims by one user towards another in order to get that user kicked or banned.  That is why we require proof.  The FBI or any agency would require proof as well.  We’re not going to start banning people without evidence.  That will never change.  Saying that it wouldn’t result in chaos, if we did, because the same user can just create another account, is foolish.  Well so can a predator than too, right?  So should we stop banning them?  Yet another statement made without thought. *(edit: added June 18 after rewatching the video)   The accurate points are things we are working on about increased moderation and moderation tools are something we are working on.  It’s always easier said than done, but we ARE giving our “A” game.  We are in the process of adding more moderators to the team.  Our goal is for 24/7 full moderation.   Again, we don’t want to start listing our moderator hours to allow for a predator to take advantage of that.  It would be quite foolish to say that.    Some moderation is done invisibly so if you do not see a moderator online it does not necessarily mean there isn’t one on.

We are not a perfect website.  We never said we were.   It’s easy to say “well, why don’t you have this?” or “why don’t you have that on your website?”.   Again, that is so much easier said and done.  That is in a perfect world.  We are not in a perfect world.   I wish there was some software that can actually detect who a predator is. We wish, when a user logs on, and selects his/her age, that some magic sensor would appear to see the nervous sweat dripping down a  predators fingers while he selects an age that is not really him.  It is impossible to be a perfect website when the website is a social community type of website which allows random people to participate.    We can only try to make it as safe as we can.  Individuals and parents must also take some responsibility in that as well.  Educate your children about the dangers of the internet.  Do not take it away from them, but please educate them more about it.   Why do you think there are hundreds of websites outlining safety guidelines for kids to follow?  None of them say “turn off the internet, it’s too dangerous”.   They give tips on how to make yourselves safer when you are online.  We have provided that information here.     Knowing that everything on the Internet is not perfect, we WILL continue to do our part and improve as much as we can.

Happy chatting and stay safe everyone.

– Team

Update #1: We are looking into adding a report button to the private chats now.   Part of the problem was this software is not owned by us so we never had the ability to make the custom changes that everyone very much wanted.  It’s very easy to say “Add this” or “add that” but if you ask any developer, it’s not that easy unless you actually had the source code.  But it looks like it might be possible.  So, we are looking further into it and will keep everyone posted.   That should save a lot of time for everyone and hopefully further improve the safety for everyone. 😀



  1. I believe the most effective way to prevent the most heinous acts would be to disable private messaging. I know it is a feature that is a great pull to create friends but it is the main way I see where predators are lurking. It is also the way children are trapped. I believe making different chatrooms for specific topics and assigning moderators to keep discussions on those topics would help protect the children. You could also keep a log of words blocked that the predators are frequently using. Keeping that log up to date would be helpful to keep out inappropriate content from children.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. However, private messaging is a feature that our users enjoy. We are not going to remove a feature just because a very minority amount of users abuse it. We would rather block those users from using the platform and let users who use it for entertainment purposes continue to do so. If some deranged individual threw some nails on the road to intentionally cause flat tires and resulted in some accidents, they aren’t going to stop selling nails are they? LOL, ok that was a bad example but hope you can see my point.

  2. pls unban me!! i was typinf about my favorite anime and i got banned!! i have a friend on there who i want to keep talkign to pls!!

  3. did everybody see how the number of views for the original vedio was faked? i clearly dont remember it receiving nearly as much views as they showed. really does show how easy it is to vedio edit and change things around like moneymax does.

  4. This is handled extremely unprofessionally and poorly. As a website this big and old, I would expect more from you. It isn’t hard to ban specific words that predators use. If you seriously care about the userbase, you would actively try to find ways to improve and take these videos as constructive criticism, and not as personal attacks.

    1. We responded to lies in the MoneyMax video. That was all. We have no problem with criticism if it is presented fairly. It was not in the that video which was removed. If you want to take them as personal attacks thats fine. If someone accused you of running a pedo-ring, you would take that as constructive criticism? Sure. Ban specific words? You kidding, right? Try typing any “bad” word on the platform. I’ll give you an example: We have over 100 variations of the word “nude” already on our filter list. Yet, some of the users go to great lengths to bypass them by adding a period or funny characters. Characters we never even knew existed. We add to our filter list daily. You ever notice that in the videos you see the replies are often impossible to type out or a total variation of the word with funny characters. You see the **** also? Well those are our censors at work.

  5. I suggest IP-Banning, rather than user banning, because accounts can be easily remade, but to change an IP is a whole other show without aid from pay2use services, this would keep the Heads to hunt down for longer periods of time, and the public would stop the overwhelming head hunt that could potentially interfere with mods and cops. Since the packages always arrive with the IP address of the user, it shouldn’t be that much of a bigger hassle to scan them and set the auto ban or manual ban to ip-ban rather than user-ban under certain conditions.

  6. I got banned for spamming, when I wasn’t spamming. I was just talking to people, which is what your service is supposed to be for. Maybe I type fast. Sorry if that’s spamming.

  7. I have seen both sides of this debate. To be fair, we can blame a website for allowing an anonymous, faceless predator who is not truthful about their age in order to circumvent a login page to a chat room. It is the same as if we were to just blame an Internet Service Provider for allowing that same predator to use their Internet services. How the hell would this website know which person is going to be a predator? I could report a predator to an ISP. I could then provide some proof and they *might* do something. Am I going to ask that the FBI shut down that entire ISP. I don’t feel this website is any different. Just saying. You all need to understand that the underlying issue should be to stress the importance of safety to our children. Shutting down a website or service which allows kids will do absolutely nada. Just wanted to leave that point. I must leave now because I was brought here from Youtube.

  8. You know what, if i have a kid I’m probably not gonna let them on any chatrooms if i can help it for a long time but also I’d be pretty surprised at this point if this place actually did turn out to be pedo Walmart

  9. no offense but moneymax is anything but what he makes himself out to be. IRL is weak with a girly voice. again no offense.

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