Safety Reminders

We wanted to take the time now to write about safety and the use of chat rooms.   Not just our chat rooms, but any other websites you may find yourself on.

We have a page set up listing our safety rules but often times they are overlooked or outright ignored.

Please, we urge you to read that page over and we cannot stress the importance of being safe online enough.   We have dealt with hundreds of complaints over the years where a user of our site was placed in danger.   Often times, the issues could have been avoided if they had just read our online safety page.

We will always do our part to work with law enforcement and put away the bad guys (as we have for many years).   Our friends at chat avenue have helped us with some moderator referrals.  We do staff moderators inside the chat rooms and hope to add additional moderators in the near future.   However, having said that, it is very important that you take your own precautions to make yourself safe.

There is only so much we can do.  Please do not take the dangers of online chatting lightly.  They are very real.  We have heard and also been assisting in hundreds of cases over the years.  A lot of them resulting in jail time for the perpetrator.  These are very serious crimes that these bad people are committing.


However, let’s not let it get to that level.  Stay safe always.

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