Wall Posts

Some of you are wondering how to view or make a wall post.

For you to see and make new wall posts in the chat rooms, you need to be a registered user.  Guests are not allowed to post.

You will be the posts of those you have added as your friends.


First click the 3 line icon at the bottom left corner:


A new screen will appear.  Then click the “Friends Wall” to view.



A new screen will open on the right where you can view other wall posts or create your own.  It’s really that simple!   Enjoy.


  1. i’ve wanting to be a mod on kidschat for 2 years, and y’all was rude… is it that y’all hate me?! i treat this ‘site’ respect and this is how you repay me?! … i just wanted to be mod and y’all never picked me which made me kinda depressed well i guess i’ll try again next time

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