New server migration

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer.

We wanted to announce today that we have officially moved over to a new server.   Hopefully things will be a less laggy inside our chat rooms from this point moving forward.

If you experience any downtime or other issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also note, as we are transitioning to our new server, not all of you will be in the same chat room.  Some of you may have slower propagation and will take a few days to appear on the new server.

Therefore, if you see the rooms have less people in the next few days, that is nothing to be concerned about.  You will eventually be moved to the newer room.



  1. Guys pl unban ! i miss mikassa! and i will lose her birthday if youdont undan me fast !!!!plz unban me 🙁 i willl dont do it again !

  2. I was banned after sending a imggb link and it was just my face I can prove I have the link as well if you mind contacting my email

  3. Guest1 banned for hacking without a proof that did such a thing I was just pranking my friends in rp room and he banned me
    Please unban me

  4. I was banned because i posted a link that King68 or whatever his username was because i didn’t want to open it if it was gross i was going to ask cypress to do something

  5. I got banned for prolly saying “i touch myself” like srsly wtf is wrong with me being weird- no respect this staff members of urs are f000000000 retarded losers

  6. Hi I am Martha my son got banned and I apologize for anything he did wrong I punished him and I made him promise to be clean and be respectful so I am asking if
    You can unban him

  7. I was banned two weeks ago and sent an email about this and yet no reply when I was banned it said I was only KICKED for 3 hours and when I came back, boom, I was banned. It doesn’t even say how long I’m banned for, please, my username is OwO and I really miss my account.

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