Report any violations!

Hey kids!

If you ever seen anyone who appears to be an older user and you have proof, please report that to a moderator or send a message using the contact from in the chat room with their username

You can also report users who use nude images for their profile pictures.     We do not tolerate any nudity on this website.  It is a big violation of our terms of service.

You can also flag messages (must be a registered user) to report a message said in public for immediate attention.

We have a digital fingerprint of these users and depending on the severity of their actions, will work with law enforcement to get them in very big trouble.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the chatrooms.


    1. I got banned to I need help getting unbanned cause I didn’t do anything if you unbanned me please I will protect the chat I have friends and family that i really love on there so please unbanned me

  1. hey admin plezzz m banned help me out
    it seem one gal told tat i was asking nude pic and i got banned plzzz i did not ask i dont even know her plzzzz

  2. i find it interesting that a mods(Kevin) girl friend(Valentine) is allowed to double log with a different name as-well as being signed in as Valentine,when was that allowed?

  3. Hey all,well I’m 15 and I was chattin wit girl my age, don’t use main chat, cos it wierds me out what some guests say,like gross, I don’t spam but was banned for spammin when I was just chatin. I never did anytin wrong

  4. yo i just got banned for “being a 30 yr ped0” i am 16 years old for crying out loud. just because the number “30” is in my name dosent mean i’m 30 years old GAWD

  5. How is it wrong when other countries girls get married off at 12. I’m moving there and giving some poor family bucks for a blossoming virgin

  6. Got banned for no reason and idek how long but this is bs bc I’ve been nothing but nice (minus to the people who are ped0s and asking to sxt) and I’ve made friends on this website. Y’all should be banning actual ped0s and people who are asking for 9-14 year old girls to chat with them, not me; who has never even asked for anyone to hmu seriously (I was joking hence the capital and lowercase letters. I was trying to mock the ped0s.) I’m 15. I’m not even interested in chatting for nasty reasons, I just want friends my age wtf

  7. I got banned 4 being a old man and luring girls. I am 13 f USA, and all the times I was in there I never messaged anyone. A lot of pe dos. In main chat and the mods do nothing. They say they need proof to ban. I was banned with no proof

  8. I’m not 19 the person wanted me to be 19.. It’s like talking to clouds on other sites cuz they don’t do a profile.. So if possible unban me plz..

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