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Hey Kids!

Since the blog is lit, now would be a good time as any other to squash some of the misunderstands people have.  A lot of this was already stated in the other blogs but I can understand that it might have been a little drawn out and totally lost because people came here very angry after watching the videos (sorry to say but they were mostly skewed to one side of the argument).  Maybe some people just refuse to believe anything we have to say.  Fine, fair enough.   After all, it’s very clear not everyone can look at both sides.   We will live with that.  You can leave now.  For those who want to listen, please read on.

It is very important to stress that we are 100% against predators using our platform or any platform to gain access to kids.   This cannot be stressed more.  There are a lot of rumblings that claim that we do not care.  We care.  There are others that say that we are just writing the blogs because we are defending the predators.  No, we are not.  We do not want them here as much as everyone else.  They give this website a bad name, they scare away other legitimate users, they hurt people and they are just the scum of the Earth.     WE DO NOT WANT THEM HERE.

So why did you write those blogs?

Again, we wrote those blogs because our staff were all deemed to be pedophiles in the original video that was removed by Youtube.    Also, there were many (not all, but many) lies in it. slanderous

If someone accused you of being, probably the lowest scum on earth, and you knew it was not true, you would take it?.   We are going to stand up to defamatory remarks.

We never said that MoneyMax’s video was ALL lies.   We said it was dramatized and exaggerated.  (If you don’t want to use the word “lies”)  We are not going to go through the details yet again.  They are in the other blogs so please read them all carefully with some of the evidence he presented to embellish his story.  Many inaccuracies in the video which no Youtuber seems to want to address.   For example: if someone told you that an entire building was on fire and someone committed arson.  You arrive there to find it’s a kitchen frying pan that got caught on fire.   You would be like, what?  That’s a bit exaggerated.  The fire is still dangerous but the way to get to that story is also dangerous as it could be defamatory to someone.    We are NOT referring to the parts where he encountered a predator and brought them offline.  Those most likely did happen.  We hope he would never make something like that up considering  he posted the predators photo for millions of people to see.  When you have a channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers (or millions), you would expect a little more responsibility in making the video and presenting the facts is all.   Some of the subscribers hang by every word you say.  It just felt like a subscriber grab to us and many others.  We hope that has taught him a lesson for his next videos.   Be more responsible.

We are 100% for the awareness of the issue of safety on the internet.  It should and must be a topic of discussion.  There are many weaknesses to the Internet.   We have stressed safety on the website in numerous places: including the blogs and clearly visible pages throughout.

We 100% acknowledge that it is possible that predators are attempting to circumvent our systems to gain access to this website.  Anyone can lie about their age.  That is exactly what they are doing.  They can play a 15 year old boy for an hour and try to bring a victim offline only to find they were really 50 years old.  It’s happened before.  We have never said that this does not or has not happened on this platform.    In fact, in a blog dated back to 2018 we acknowledged it happened or could be happening.

screenshot of safety blog from 2018

This is always an uphill battle.  We can put every available system and tool into our website, and the predators could still find a way around them.  That is why we have the chat rules and chat safety page set up for users to double protect themselves.   If these monsters are going to find a way in, then we need to find a way to prevent them from getting to us.   Please take the time to read that page.  Please continue to report them if they do admit they are overage or commit other illegal things. Please take some time to read the FAQ’s section as well.

We will also continue to do our part and promise to everyone that we will find other ways to improve on that.  Some have already been implemented.  Others are coming.

Let’s continue to bring awareness about this topic.  Let’s be responsible with defamatory remarks.  A lot of good has come out of this entire controversy and we hope this blog post clears up some of those misunderstands.

Stay safe and happy chatting.

– Kids Chat Net Team

**Updated** P.S.  If you have been following recent events regarding MoneyMax and his personal life, you can see clearly he has issues.  Not going to get into the personal details but this loser has ZERO credibility given what illegal and embarrassing things hes accused of.  He should not have ANY voice on ANY platform.   How can anyone like this be believable.  As we have pointed out, he made lies up to make his narrative hold true.  BTW, how does one single individual get accused of horrible things by 5 different ex’es?   That’s pretty much EVERY ex lol.  At some point you gotta realize that YOU are the problem, not the victim 🙂  You P.O.S.!



  1. your website should not be running if there are not enough protective measures in place to 100% prevent the exploitation of this service to harass children/teens. If even one single pedophile is able to gain access to this service and prey upon children, then you need to immediately shut down until that is no longer possible. You are putting children at risk if you cannot guarantee their safety. If your morality were sincere, you would put the safety of children at a higher priority than whatever gain you get from running this service.

    1. There is no 100% way of preventing anything. Even if you had control measures in place from the time a predator registers for an Internet service, it would still not be 100%.

      100% is impossible but implementing some tools and following safety rules can get you pretty darn close to 100% safe.

    2. That’s ridiculous to expect any site to get rid of 100% of any particular group.
      Perhaps all you people piling on with negative feedback could try sending the admin YOUR suggestions on how you would keep every undesirable out,? I’m betting none of you will be able to.
      If all the big names like Twitter etc cant stop all the racist hate,I’d honestly like to know how you think small company’s can.
      I’ll be happy to be wrong if anyone can post there fullproof plan.
      I’ll look in to see if any appear.
      lastly the site may have some issues,but all chat sites do,.
      Thanks,for anyone who makes sensible suggestions

  2. Get active Moderation 24/7
    I would 100% be willing to moderate chatrooms for a couple hours a day
    I don’t understand why you dont just get some moderators slap up some more
    code to get ride of most words that “Predators” use to get around the already
    safety measures

      1. Hi um this morning when I went to the chat site it had said I was banned and not allowed on to it anymore and I was just wondering why that is because I don’t remember doing anything wrong or being told to stop something so

  3. So, If you are against predators on this platform, how come you banned MoneyMax’s IP after he sent you evidence of predators asking for n***s?

    1. We did not specifically ban his IP address as stated in our other blogs. We banned an entire ASN known for VPN IPs and other malicious activities. We do this on a daily basis. Eventually when his was banned, he twisted the story around to make it seem like we targeted him specifically. Who is he? We don’t know him from Adam. We have no idea what his IP address is/was. Like everything else in the video with regards to our website, he changed it around a bit to make his story look good. He could have easily turned off his VPN and accessed the site “anonymously” as he did. He might have been lucky and able to access it with another VPN which we haven’t identified YET. He never sent any evidence to us. I truly believe that he left those screenshots sitting in his draft box because that would be a better story for him if we never receive the screenshots. Seriously ask yourself, why would we not want his screenshots? It would help us ban those bots and any overage users (predators?) much quicker. Predators and bots do not help this website in the least bit. They only cause harm and nothing good can possibly come out of them. The little weasel sat on his evidence for up to 2 months before doing anything so he can make his video.

  4. the youtuber in question did send you evidence that arkham did completely ignore to look at in the second email after asking for there to somehow be pictures or logs placed in the report which lacked any form of paste location for such files

    1. Do you have some sort of problem reading? This is a common trend among his subscribers. We have already outlined many times throughout that this email was never received. Whether it went to our spam box because he used a spam email and attached 4MB of files to it, or he never sent it, I don’t know. The point is we never received it. Before you accuse us of lying that we never received it. I ask you this. What is the point of us lying about that. Nobody wants predators and bots here. We will gladly accept screenshots to help us get rid of them more quickly. Luckily for us, all those users he had on his “list” were already banned well before the video came out. Remember one thing. These videos can easily be manipulated and altered to show you what you want to see. He never sent that email about the screenshots. That was a total lie. Where are the screenshots now? I bet you he doesn’t have it, nor can he show us that the email was actually sent. Video editing by this Moneymax weasel makes ANYTHING possible. We don’t trust anything he says and we have proven his lies with a lot of evidence already.

  5. Hi, this is a bit irrelevant, but I got banned for joking about me being overage. It was a stupid thing to say I’m so sorry, I’m not 20, I’m almost 15. Can I please be unbanned? I swear I’ll never joke about my age again, I know you take it very seriously

    1. This is a common problem we see in our chat rooms. People joking about something but later regret it after they find themselves banned. DO NOT JOKE about anything including your age. We take reports very seriously and you can be banned or referred to law enforcement because of it.

  6. Most of these Youtubers are all unemployed losers and their only source of income is from vid views. That’s probably why they lied and stretched the truth. Just my take.

  7. I had 2 accounts. 1 for me and 1 for my brother. He got banned for ban bypassing, and now I am not able to login anymore. Why is that? Please let me know! I want to chat again.

  8. Since those videos on Youtube were made: one of them got COVID, another is out of work and moneymax is still in hiding from the embarrassment LOL. This website is still running as it should because you guys have done the best you guys can do. Guess Karma does exist. Keep up the good work fellas.

  9. I can’t register my account in their I feedback on it so many times but no change I think you should do something on that I even say that I won’t do any mistakes again but… No one understands me i truely miss my all friends and wanna meet them just once if u can solve then problem then pls do I request

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